Air Force One question

I saw this again over the weekend and suddenly realized I didn’t know what was going on.

Gary Oldham demands the release of Russian general. The Russians agree, then shoot the general on the way out. Then a group of MiG fighters try to shoot down AF1 and are defeated by the good guys.

Who sent the MiG’s? Was it the Russian government, out to kill Oldham’s character before he does any more mischief, or were the fighters being flown by Oldham/the general’s buddies, to get their revenge by killing Harrison Ford?

Did I miss a plot point somewhere?

I assume it was the general’s buddies, but I don’t think the movie tells us for sure. Just one more obstacle for President Marshall to gallantly overcome.

It was not a Russian general, he was Kazhakstani (IIRC), The MiGs were also from Kazhakstan.

The General’s buddies. The Secretary of Defense (Dean Stockwell) said earlier that several Russian air force commanders (and their bases) were loyal to the General. After the General was shot, one of those commanders unleashed a group of MiGs to take down Air Force One for revenge.