Air Vagina or Puss Belly

Ok, all my life, well since my Softmore year in high school, a friend and I referred to the area on a woman just above her vagina and below her stomach as a “Air Vagina”, many of you probably know this is a “pooch”. We shortened it to A.V. and have always called they A.V.'s ever since. My brother has as well, but rescently, one of his friends called it a P.B. (Puss Belly). I insists A.V. is a way cooler way to reffer to it, he insists P.B. is better and in random survey, P.B. would prevail.

So cast your votes here please, A.V. or P.B.

Ah yes, one of the truly great debates of our time.

At the request of my brother, I would like to clarify, it is puss as in pussy not as in puss that icky rotten stuff, He feels my O.P. was biased, so please vote with thought :slight_smile:

So, before I make up my mind, just what puts the “air” in Air Vagina?

What do you think puts it there?!

It just get’s the name of “belly” here, especially with monthly water retention.

My friends (not I – really) referred to it as a Fupa – Fat Upper Pussy Area.

IANAM, but this looks more like a poll to me, and possibly a TMI one at that. Am I wrong?

What the hell are you talking about?

Ah, I believe Mons Veneris may be the term you seek.

Neither is appropriate. In my day it was referred to as its anotomically correct term:

The Gunt. Gut + Cunt.

Terribly crass, I am aware. Don’t ask about fubachops and cankles.

I think you mean that the gross stuff is “pus”. Not “puss”.

—since my Softmore year in high school,—

So, is junior year working out for you so far? :slight_smile:

Is it anything to do with this?

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I guess the world may never know. Locked.

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