Airbourne: More AC/DC-ness from Down Under

Video featuring Lemmy aiding and abetting our rock n’ roll renegades here:

You heard these guys?

You know how AC/DC rock? You know how The Darkness rocks with their tongues firmly in their cheeks? (the fact that The Darkness called their second album “A One Way Ticket to Hell and Back” shows that they get the silly humor of it; too bad about their getting all rehab-y).

Anyway - Airbourne is what would happen if AC/DC met The Darkness, but didn’t realize that they were post-Spinal Tap ironic. Their songs pound out and rock hard, but with the silliest cliche lines and very pedestrian songcraft - but darn it, they rock.

So I declare them to be Big Dumb Rock™ - and when you are in the mood, that can be good.

Breakin’ the law! Breakin’ the law!

Nice cheap video, too, that looks quality.

Awesome. I’m going to have to buy the album.

Duuuude. Nice username.