Aircraft Identification at Hickam AFB

Here’s the google maps link:

The Air Force Base flight lines/ramps are slightly WNW of the commercial airport. Directly North of the 8L runway on the pad are:
2 - KC-10s facing west
3 - KC-135s facing them to the east

Is that a C-5A on the ramp with them?

I don’t think it’s a C-17, there are a number of C-17s (7 I believe) with different sensors?/commo on top of the fuselage.

To the west of Charley’s Philly Steaks Sandwiches are ten (10) P-3s. One has a different paint scheme. Why or what service uses that scheme?
Finally (easy) spot the U-2.

Navy has a Special Projects Patrol Squadron (VPU-2) that uses P-3s, that are somewhat distinct from the maritime patrol aircraft. I’ll leave it to you to do the math there.

Navy is the only Service in the U.S. that uses P-3s in any variant.

If you examine the shadow cast by the aircraft, you can easily see that it has a raised nose door assembly, indicative of a C-5. The C-17 only has an aft cargo door.

I’m guessing the one in different paint scheme might be a UP-3A or other non-combat variant. Because it lacks the Magnetic Anomaly Detector tail boom of std P-3C’s or radomes on top that the ‘overt’ electronic recon EP-3E’s have. And the covert VPU a/c usually have the tail boom, to make them harder to recognize. Dark upper wings and tail surfaces is a ‘legacy’ paint scheme sometimes also seen on regular P-3C’s in recent years but again no MAD boom on this one.

I believe the white quad is an E-6B

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The image I’m seeing from your link must be from a different day - there are no P-3s or KC-10s on any of the Hickam ramps in the image I’m seeing. No U-2 either.
I’m seeing a C-5, a few transient C-17s and KC-135s, and a bunch of resident C-17s, KC-135s, and a couple F-22s. A few C-130s, an E-6B, and a couple “white jets” round out what I’m seeing.

Bear in mind that RIMPAC is going on right now, so imagery from the last couple days will have many more transient airframes on Hickam (many of which will be foreign military aircraft)

My guess: AP-3C because of the slightly different wing.

Is this how Russia outsources their intelligence photo interpretation work?

I an curious who decided what items get to be blurred around the one aircraft…

I get a different image depending on whether I’m on my iPad or the PC.

Weird. I’m still getting the same (old?) one. Good catch on the missing tail boom on the “odd” P-3.

The PC version has 3D models but the iPad version is pure photograph.

I think that might just be an artifact of how they’re converting the satellite image into a pseudo-3D model? Presuming I’m looking at the same one (the bottommost P-3) it looks like the shadow is being cast from something with the MAD boom, it just isn’t reflected in the height-map mesh.