Boeing 747 with no markings

This morning I saw a pure white 747 with no markings of any kind land at the Atlanta airport. No colors, no airline livery, nothing except a small black patch near the cockpit which might have been an FAA number.

What could this aircraft have been?

Factory delivery?

Any Ideas?

It might be a plane that hasn’t been delivered to the buyer yet. Customizing for the buyer (paint etc.) is the last step in Boeing’s manufacturing process. They might be testing the plane or maybe it needed something at that location. It will then get customized and delivered.

Not an answer to your query, but something to ponder.

A couple of years ago Mrs. Duckster and I went to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field near Seattle. We arrived near lunch so we decided to get a bite to eat at the museum coffee shop. The shop overlooks a main runway. In fact, we were not more than 300 feet off the runway. Small planes were taking off and landing all the time.

All of a sudden a 747 touched down at our end of the runway. It, too, was all white and had no markings on it, similiar to what you just observed. I assume it to be an experimental or test aircraft.

Later in the day we were back in front of the museum about to go through Air Force One parked right next to the taxiway and that same runway. It was then I noticed that same 747 approaching us on the taxiway to prepare for take off. Never having been so close to a 747 at takeoff I decided to stop and watch.

The 747 rolled perhaps 200 feet passed us, turned around and waited for clearance. ( Google Map. ) The 747 received clearance for takeoff and applied full power to the engines. I was preparing to cover my ears from the anticipated jet noise only to discover there wasn’t any! Well, let me rephrase. My wife and I were able to converse in a normal tone of voice and comment on the lack of jet noise as it applied full power and passed in front of us at the begining of takeoff. We continued to watch it roll down the runway and lift off, all the time is relative silence.

A new non-marked 747 with practically no jet noise at take off. You tell me.

Did it have windows for the main cabin? If not, it may have been a cargo plane (like this). It may have been a cargo plane anyway, like this one at Atlanta; they sometimes have less decoration than passenger planes.

Here’s another white one. Search the database for “747” and you’ll find more.

20 years ago I’d’ve said Generic Airlines. Now, I got nothin’.

Too obvious, right?

<SMACKS NinjaChick with Wet Trout>

That would have had “Airplane” painted on it in big black letters. One wonders what the uniforms worn by the flight attendents would have been like.

The newer Boeing planes have really improved their noise performance. There is nothing special about the quiet 747, they are all coming out of the factory that way :).

I work near an airfield, and I’ve been on the tarmac with 777’s landing/leaving a short distance away without even noticing them. Those are some seriously spooky-quiet planes!

I imagine them in fencing gear, with their faces completely hidden by nondescript masks and their voices filtered through what TV shows use to protect the voices of anonymous witnesses. No race, no age, just barely a hint of gender.

“I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn’t know.” – Mark Twain

(Saying that is good for the soul.)

White. With black piping. And barcodes. And stewardesses with chalk-white faces, straight black hair, coal black eyes.

Think Data, in drag.

When they were first testing the 777, I was in my backyard relaxing, I looked up and there was a plane flying VERY low over my house and I could barely hear it. I was very impressed.

Unmarked aircraft are pretty common round London’s airports - I have seen plenty. I have always assumed they are either rental/lease aircraft which haven’t been painted up by the customer yet, or are left unpainted as a matter of policy. However some carriers (especially cargo ones) don’t seem to bother painting their planes
An example, with further explanation
more plane-spotting nerdishness
If I understand correctly, these are all shots of the same plane at various times
or it could indeed have been a new delivery - for anything airliner-related, it even beats the SD hands down.

Hubby works for the Lazy B. He tells me it could be a canceled order that was too far along to dismantle. The company finishes the aircraft, then it’s stored in the desert, until it someone else buys it. The paint scheme is done to the customer’s specs. Therefore the plane you saw may have been in transit to an aircraft paint shop. They have them scattered around the country, maybe not as many as Maaco.

Obviously a Lexus Boeing 747 h.

I was just driving along and not even ten minutes ago I saw a all white 747 being accompanied by a fighter jet… it was heading SSW to Mexico…

a zombie plane

“Air Force None”


Or think of them with aircraft captain Robert Palmer.