Airline Ticket Pricing Strategy (Need Answer Fast)

My daughter has been accepted for a callback to the performing arts program at an east coast university (we’re in California). The appointed date is March 1. Checking airline ticket pricing gets her a round trip to the airport nearest the Uni on Feb 28, for about $230. This is as of today.

Is it best that I book the flight now, or would I do better to do it some time in February, in the hope that the price drops as the airline scrambles to fill seats?

Because it might be relevant to the question, the airports are LAX and RDU (Raleigh-Durham International, in NC). And currently, the best price is with American Airlines.

That seems like a very low price for that route. I’d be concerned that it goes up.

That is a very good price. Book it now. In the unlikely event you could save money by waiting, it won’t be enough to worry about. Airline prices tend to go UP closer to departure these days.

And while you’re price shopping, do it in incognito mode. Or else they’ll start raising the prices on you as you search.

Travel magazines and the like suggest booking 60 days ahead to get the best fares.

Thanks. Booked.

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kaylasdad99 and others, one thing to know is that there is a 24 hour cancellation for airline tickets more than 7 (or fewer) days out. Always just buy a ticket if you see one that seems reasonable and cancel it if you find something better or get a better deal or find more information. Searching for an itinerary repeatedly drives up the cost- it may come back down but not guaranteed.

You can also look on Southwest, which doesn’t show up on most websites. They don’t charge bag fees, which helps.

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