Airliner With Farked Landing Gear About To Land At LAX

There’s a JetBlue A320 circling the greater LA area burning off fuel in preparation for an emergency landing due to his front landing gear being stuck about 80 degrees off the centerline.

Not to be flip, and I hope nobody gets hurt, but this is a lot better than the usual low-speed car chases they usually show.

Watching it on CNN. I hope everything goes well.

This is amazing. Fox news had a pilot on the air that had this happen to him in a 737 except that he was unaware of it when he landed. He said the cockpit shook violently but the wheel strut did not break. The tires went flat and the left a big black streak down the runway.

I heard about this on my way home.
Have been watching CNN and it’s coverage since I got home.

I hope for the best for the people onboard.

Whoo Hooo!

beautiful Landing!!! :d

Just landed, the wheels burned off, but everything else appears ok. No crashing, nothing looking too violent.

That was beautiful!!!

Great. That guy deserves a raise.

Amazingly beautiful - I know they train for it, but it has to be a terrifying situation. Good for that pilot!

I wonder if the passengers were watching on TV - JetBlue has TVs in the seats and IIRC CNN is one of the channels you can get…

Holy shit! The jet is full of Cylons!

a person on the plane blackberried that they turned off the tvs so they weren’t able to see news stations.

Fucking beautiful.

That was fecking amazing. Talk about a hold-your-breath minute!

I’m glad that the NTSB guy on CNN was so emphatic about the probable outcome, or I probably would have peed.

That probably had anything else on TV tonight beat, hands down.

Praise Be To Merciful Og, and to one heckuva a flight team.

Yeah, great job. And that makes two for two. Another airline pilot who had the same thing happen on a 727 in 1989 was on CNN Headline News. In a pre-landing interview he said that his nose gear didn’t collapse but that there was tremendous vibration (I’ll just bet) to the point where you couldn’t see anything on the instrument panel and the cockpit was filled with dust. The plane tracked straight down the runway and came to a normal stop with the nose wheel nearly ground off and the strut still in place.

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