Airplane! and Zero Hour

TCM is showing Airplane! tonight, immediately followed by Zero Hour. In case you didn’t know, Airplane! is a practically shot-for-shot remake (with add’l gags, of course) of Zero Hour. For instance, “I picked the wrong week to quit smoking” is in Zero Hour; “…wrong week to quit sniffing glue” isn’t.

A bit of trivia: Airplane! was distributed under the title Flying High! in Australia and New Zealand.

Surely you can’t be serious! :wink:

I caught about 10 a few minutes of Zero Hour a few years ago, couldn’t watch without the matching scene from Airplane! imposing itself. :smiley:

I haven’t seen Zero Hour since I was a kid and it was on some Sunday afternoon on Channel 43. This will be great!

I saw it a few months ago, the last time it came around on TCM, and couldn’t enjoy it at all. The punch lines just kept saying themselves.

I got Zero Hour from Netflix, and I was also shocked at how close Airplane was. The weird shots of WW II planes on their bombing runs in Airplane might have been taken directly from Zero Hour. Well worth renting.

I wouldn’t be surprised, I understand that Zucker, Abrhams, and Zucker bought Zero Hour so they could make Airplane!

It’s a big building with patients. But that’s not important.

Yes, they did buy the rights. They used whole chunks of dialogue from the original movie, and even kept some of the same character names (like Striker).

Striker, striker, striker, Striker!
(punches hysterical female passenger)

Stewardess, I speak jive…

Over Macho Grande?

I have a drinking problem.


giggles maniacally The finest part of that bit is that the person pauses, mulls the logical inconsistencies over in his mind, gives a little shrug, and then punches her. It’s those little subtleties that are the genius…


I had never heard of Zero Hour! Thanks for the heads up. It’ll be a hoot!

I *have *heard that Airplane takes liberties with Zero Hour, but didn’t know it was such a scene-by-scene spoof. To the DVR!

Wonderful! I didn’t know either!
Awesome. Thanks.

“There’s no parking in the white zone.”
“Ted, we all know what this about. You want me to have an abortion”

What I heard was that they bought Zero Hour after plagarizing/ripping off/parodying Zero Hour, just to prevent any lawsuit.

I’ll never be over Macho Grande.

There are a few lines/scenes in Airplane! that, while not zingers, are cheesy enough to where I would’ve sworn they were written specifically for the movie Airplane. Turns out, a lot of these came verbatim from Zero Hour!