Airplane crash off of San Onofre

An experimental aircraft crashed off the coast yesterday near the San Onofre nuclear power plant. KNBC-4 said it was a type “known for in-flight break-ups”. This site says “the plane is believed to be a B-10 model”. The news showed a pair of sewpt wings (as a unit) floating just below the surface of the ocean.

The only experimental I can think of that’s “known” to have a problem with in-flight break-ups is the Bede BD-10, a supersonic homebuilt that suffered from flutter problems. BD-10 sounds like B-10. But I didn’t think any of them were actually sold.

Does anyone know what the airplane that crashed yesterday actually was?

This site calls it a BD-10 (They also identify the pilot as 53 years old, after earlier reports had noted the body of an “elderly” man had been recovered. Gee, I get to be elderly next year.)

The [url=" is a cool airplane. Too bad people tend to get killed in it. My dad was building a BD-5. A friend of his had access to a small turbojet engine and asked my dad to be partners with him. Dad called Jim Bede and asked if it was possible to put a jet engine in his BD-5. Bede told him it would never work – and then eventually came out with the BD-5J jet-powered BD-5. The BD-5 also had a poor reputation. IIRC there were certain situations (loss of power, IIRC) where a stall would put turbulent air over the stabilator and cause the stall to be unrecoverable. I understand there is a company in Oregon that is offering BD-5 kits for sale. Maybe the problem has been fixed? I’d fly one.

BD-10. Fixing the link.