Airplane Crashes

Do they get too much attention?

I think so.

Well tenn - it’s kinda newsy when a couple hundred people die in one fell swoop. Add to that the possibility of a mechanical problem in other planes of its kind, the possibility of terrorism, pilot error, etc., it is important to track the event and find out what the hell happened! (Would you go up with Eygptair the day after, not knowing what
caused the crash?)

Of course they should study the crash to see what happened! That’s not what I meant.

It just seems to me that the plane wreck gets more than its share of media attention…200 people die and we hear about that particular crash every day for 3 years.
No offense to the grieving families, but 200 deaths is not really a big deal when you consider all the other stuff that kills thousands constantly and more quietly.

Oh boy! Maybe you might want to shag this on over to the pit… I think they are a news event; however, I don’t think we need every newsperson in town interrupting every 10 minutes to tell me that they don’t have anything to tell me.

I saw two newscasts tonight where they speculated, repeatedly, about what MIGHT be on the other black box. News isn’t speculation (well, it shouldn’t be). News is about facts. Wait until you have the facts and THEN tell me.


We hear about it until they find out what happened, then we have to hear about it while they figure out what to do about what happened. This country is also very conspiracy conscious, and I think the media feel they have a duty to keep certain things in the news so nobody can do a cover-up. I think terrorism is the real concern, especially with an Egyptian airline. JFK’s plane - well that was because of his celebrity, not the plane crash.

If you hold a ticket to do a little overseas flying there’s a fair chance you’ll be flying on a 767. You’d probably be a little interested in what the FAA found out about that crash.
Anyway 200 people fell out of the sky. For 25,000 feet or so they approached the speed of sound. Then radar suggested they leveled off and even climbed for a mile. Then they fell like a rock again and (the radar suggested)disintegrated around 10,000 feet.
The process took over 2 minutes.
Guillotines are faster.
It’s a way you probably wouldn’t want to go. And you probably wouldn’t wish it on an enemy.
I agree that this story shouldn’t be covered ad nauseam, but let’s give the media a chance to do it first. Then criticize them for it.

Sure! What are the chances of it happening twice in a week?
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

What if it was ValueJet?

Doug Bowe, I was not specifically talking about the crash you refer to.

More generally, I was talking about what Byz was saying about the coverage of any plane wreck: the constant buzz about what happened, what might have happened, what happened in the past, what may happen in the future, what might have been different had something else have happened, here are the latest gruesome details on how it must have felt to die like that, and on and on and on for weeks, months, years… till I want to scream “just let them rest in peace, okay?”

Not quite a hijack here, but along the same line, when the shooting occurred in Seattle last week, ABC News did not carry it on their broadcast. Peter Jennings published a message on their website which said, in effect, “48 people are murdered every day in this country, and simply having live helicopter footage of one incident does not make it more newsworthy.” I gained a bit of respect for him because of that.

“Come on, Phonics Monkey–drum!”