World Trade Center Plane Crash

I’ve just heard about this from a friend, and I’m wondering if anyone has details - how bad it is, exactly what happened, anything?

If it’s as bad as it’s been made out to me so far… my greatest sympathies go to the families of everyone involved.

Oh, my God!

I have the news on. A second aircraft – it looked like a 727 – just crashed into the other tower!

Methinks there might be some terrorism going on.

Looking real bad. I’m trying to tack down details.

Say a prayer to whichever deities you can think of.

I just heard that too.

I may be overreacting here, but I am very scared.


The pictures are incredible, scary
2 planes, both on fire
must be terrorism but speculation

Please, all of our members from New York…check in and let us know

One thing I heard was that the local stations in New York can’t even broadcast, their antennas are on top of the WTC.

Anyone have a link to something? I am stuck at work with no TV or radio.

I’m watching the news right now. All they know is pretty basic- one plane crashed into one tower, then another went into the other one. They hit the top floors. Both have massive holes and at least one has a fire.

God, this is going to have an enormous body count.

True, calling it terrorism is just speculation at this point. One plane crashing into the tower can be thought an accident. A B-25 crashed into the Empire State Building in the 1940s – in fog. But still, it’s possible a pilot might be incapacitated or be trying to “get a closer look” or performing a stunt. A 727-size jet crashing into the second tower makes it seem deliberate.

Christ, this damned internet sure slows down when everybody on the planet tries to access CNN at once.

radio is on. I’m listening to it now.

MSNBC is jammed too, and cannot be displayed.

This just from NBC-TV: “An American Airlines plane was hijacked and possibly flown into the tower”

MSNBC seems to be the only site not overloaded.

you’re right, and basically no way to stop stuff like this from happening. America has literally thousands of small airports. Well I wouldn’t want to be too alarmist. But this is going to make some government persons really really pissed off. I’m sure heads will roll. I hope there were no innocent people on those planes.

My heart goes out to all, and you’re right there will be a lot, the victims. This really really sucks.

Jesus H!

CNN just said the plane was hijacked and crashed into the tower. Didn’t say which one but I’m guessing both.

Word on NBC is that both planes had been hijacked and then flown into the building. Unconfirmed.

The news is placating.

“There are three airports near here so it is possible for the planes to have been sidetracked or gotten slightly off course…”

We watched the second plane strike LIVE on tv. My God.

Pray for all those involved, victims and rescue workers, please.

I thought it was a joke at first. Then the Network guys came in and said it was on the news on the lunchroom TV. The towers look like smokestacks.

Man, this is fucked up.

The BBC has a not-overloaded report

That looks bad. Thoughts going out to people in NY.