Things that bug me about the WTC coverage.

I have not noticed or heard any storied about the people that have survived the attack and are in the hospital. Not one.

I have not heard one story from the family members of those in the hospital.

I have noticed a plethoria of reporters that I have never seen before (CNN & Fox) doing coverage. Where have they all come from?

Why no stories on the NYPD that are missing?

Have any funerals ( other than the fire men killed and recovered) taken place yet for the civilians?

How many more interviews with the greif stricken family members of those who were on the planes are we going to hear? Let these people greive in peace.

Has anyone else actually seen (on tv) the plane that went down in PA? All I’ve ever seen is the crater. This disturbs me.

The passenger(s) on the above ill fated flight who decided to try to do something *were allowed lots of phone calls to loved ones - one on the phone for 15 minutes or so (Mr. Beamer) before taking action? Why would a terrorist allow this? Mr. Beamer apparently talked to the operator for his (or airlines) cell company because he could not get a hold of his wife. Why hasn’t this operator been interviewed/identified?

Why is Ronald Reagan Airport still closed?

I live outside of Washington, DC, and the airport is closed for security reasons - basically, it’s seconds away from the masses of downtown DC, including the White House, Capitol, gov’t offices, etc. It would be tons easier to hijack a plane out of National (Ronald Reagan if you don’t know it by National - people who’ve lived here forever rarely call it Reagan) than Dulles. If you’ve ever taken off or landed at National, you pretty much descend/ascend directly over the city.

That’s because there aren’t any. People who were in the buildings were all killed. People who were in the streets who were merely injured by falling debris don’t merit a story.

See above.

Ah, I believe they mainly hang out in a place known as “The Woodwork”. :smiley:

Because it’s too wrenching to even think about.

Yes, but they aren’t being covered because they aren’t newsworthy. What, they’re going to cover thousands of funerals? I don’t think so.

Nobody’s holding a gun to those people’s heads and forcing them to sob on-camera. They could just say, “Not interested” and shut the door in the reporter’s face, or hang up the phone.

No, it came down in a rural area, and nobody happened to be out there with a video camera to film it coming in. And it hit so hard and so fast that there was literally nothing left but fragments.

Because the terrorists were all up in the front of the plane, and the folks were all in the back.

Also, because the terrorists were all bent on suicide, and they didn’t give a Sh*t whether anybody called 911 or not. They were gonna die anyway, so call the police, who cares?

Because it’s probably bad enough for her that she has to live the rest of her life with knowing this. Maybe she doesn’t want to see her smiling face on the cover of Rolling Stone, too.

Because the flight paths for all planes using it go directly over the White House.

And on the PA plane wreckage: You’re used to seeing halves of a plane, broken up, at a plane crash site, because virtually all plane crashes happen on landing or takeoff, when the plane is going much slower, and hits from a much lower altitude. So it just hits, and bounces, and breaks up into big chunks.

But if you fly a plane directly into the ground at speed from a higher altitude, there’s not much left but a crater. :frowning:

Like with a bomb. :frowning:

I think Shirley was talking about the people who got out of the buildings before they collapsed and were taken to the hospital, which caused some major issues on the first day or so of the crisis. I’d kinda like to know about them, too, since there had to have been several hundred injuries including burns and blunt trauma.

As for the Pennsylvania crash, I saw a bit on TV last night with the wife of one of the men who made a phone call from the plane…she visited the crash site and said the plane dug a 40 foot deep crater. She’s hoping they’ll eventually be able to salvage some personal effects, maybe her husband’s wedding ring…

The hijackers allowed and encouraged people to make calls from the planes to their loved ones…just another sick twist to the whole thing.

I’ve seen interviews with a few people in the hospital as well as survivors who talked about people who helped them or who they helped.

A lot of people in the hospital are suffering from burns, so I imagine that a lot of them aren’t really in any shape to talk, but there were a couple of guys who were pretty banged up but still did interviews from their hospital beds.

I think if you want to see those kinds of stories you have to watch news magazine shows like Dateline, 60 Minutes and 48 Hours. The stories are out there, and I think when more people are ready they’ll talk more about their first-hand experiences.

How odd…

You’re asking why there isn’t footage of funerals and people recovering, while I was thinking how restrained the media were for a change - people are suffering enough right now without camera crews knocking down their doors.

Right now, the victims and their families need time and space. Eventually, they may be ready to tell their stories but we shouldn’t be hounding them at such a time.

This gave me pause. Why is an injury or death due to falling debris any less newsworthy than a death of someone inside the building? They don’t count? Shirley’s asking why she didn’t see news programs mentioning the injured having been distributed to hospitals. This report might have helped family members find their loved ones more quickly.

My answer to that is that even though the reporters came out of the woodwork, there simply weren’t enough to cover it all. The news programs made up for it later, as has been noted here.

I realize I am/was coming off as callous, but my main thought pretty much is: there seems to be no mention of other funereals. I’m not asking for a camera in the face of the mourners, or even outside the church, just a " Twenty five funerals were performed yesterday alone…" statement.

DDG - RE: PA crash, I wasn’t thinking about the actual crash. Maybe because most airline crashes happen at the airport and are not at full speed at a downward thrust, I hadn’t thought of that.

Anyone know/hear of who owns the land it crashed into?

Also, I heard on either CNN/FoxNews that some Florida librarians remembered seeing the hijackers in their library using the internet and called authorities. Then, when the FEDs wanted to computers as evidence, the Library said
they needed a search warrant. Do you think they (Librarians and FBI) were doing this because they were following the letter of the law and thus preventing evidence from being thrown out as in-admissable (which is my thought on the matter) or (I can’t imagine this) being obstinant.

Just a few more takes on this . . .

There are very few, relatively speaking, in the hospital. I have seen stories about them, but that might be because I’m in NY, and thus it’s local news for us. People with burns are getting a lot of coverage in general, I think because the burn treatment needs so much blood and there has been a question about “what does the Red Cross do with all this blood?” But I would agree that they are not getting as much coverage as perhaps I would have predicted. If this is because the families are asking for privacy, then I think this is a good thing.

I’m wondering if the Fox people at least are our local Fox reporters, getting national play.

Again, this is local news here, so we might be getting more coverage. Newspapers are running stories about the missing police and firemen and their families. Gah. Some of them are missing several children who all joined the force. Awful.

The most recent issue of New York Magazine speculated that the terrorists might have done this (allowed or even encouraged the calls) to inspire terror (A ploy, I confess, that is working very well on me. I’m haunted by the idea of those poor people making phone calls.)

I also heard somewhere, and I don’t remember where, that the operator wasn’t even allowed to speak directly to Mr. Beamer’s wife until a few days into the investigation, so there might be a delay on the press angle as well. Also, the operator might have declined to be interviewed, which I can see as a very real possibility.

Winnie - I, too, am haunted by the phone calls from the plane.

She was named and quoted in, I think, USA Today on Monday. I can’t remember her name though. She said that she and Mr Beamer recited one of the Psalms together.

I think it was more of a CYA thing. The librarian probably thought the FBI would come down and ask some questions. When they said they were taking the computers, she wanted to make sure she had a piece of paper to show that they were accounted for, plus it would prevent the “what computers?” response from the FBI if the library ever wanted them back.

Mrs. Beamer was interviewd on Dateline last night, telling the whole story. She gave the name of the operator (I too have forgotten the name) who works for GTE AirPhone. She had finally spoken to the operator on the phone to get the whole story (she was given the woman’s number and called her).

BTW - I believe it was the Lord’s Prayer they recited together, as the operator was surprised that he was in effect forgiving the hijackers – “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…” Very moving…

Just found the USA Today article (or the abstract of it anyway, you have to pay to get the full article) on their website archive. The operator’s name was Lisa Jefferson.

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