airplane food....

How come airplane food can’t be as good
as the food we eat at home? Why not
have some Burger King or something?

Aha, the cell phone guy. :slight_smile:
I’m sitting here chuckling. Burger King??
Good food?? Please, don’t give them any ideas.
If you ever get the chance, try 1st class. I got comped once to 1st class, and let me tell you something. Those people live different than we do.
Otherwise, I try to take something good with me. NOT Burger King.

Heh. Last summer Middle Son, then age 9 and a half, got to go from Los Angeles back to Rochester, New York, alone, to spend a week with his aunt (this is a trip that each of my kids gets to do the summer between fourth and fifth grade). He was flying on a free ticket off of a United Premier account. They needed some seats in coach, and started bumping their “Premier” fliers first. Los Angeles to Chicago, he got First Class.

Dang, what a waste! :slight_smile: He wasn’t even impressed. But now he’s spoiled!


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But just to even have a full course
meal like a steak would be nice etc…
Airplane food is just plain trashy and you would think for the money you pay should you get better food?

I am also wondering is there a limit to
number of questions you can post on the
message board?

How come cellphones just can’t be voice activated?

First of all, it is possible to get good airline food. My father works for one of the two major airline caterers in the US, and he’s said that it’s easy to put a good sandwich on the flight, but the airlines just don’t want to. The reason airline food sucks is because the airlines don’t want to pay for it. It’s possible to get good food - they do it in first class, like mangeorge stated. But for us peons in coach, they cut every corner possible. Hell, half the time you don’t get a meal anymore - just a bag of preztels. (which I got once on a 6am flight. Bleah.)

I heard that you can arrange to get a good
meal in coach, or is that just a bunch of


I don’t know why, but to me you sound like a VERY young person. Burger King? C’mon! :slight_smile:

Some airlines offer their junior passengers “Happy Meals” from you-know-where. Kids love it! But the thing is that the airlines are selling you transportation, not food. That’s why in First class you pay more, because you are getting something more, besides being transported. Not that I agree with that, but that’s the way it is.

And by the way, food onboard is not always that bad. Especially when you’re the pilot, and there’s nothing else available until you get to your hotel (or home) if the kitchen is still open.

Regarding voice activated cell phones, well, I simply don’t know. Why don’t you do a little research on the Web, and let us know of your findings?

In the U.S. airline food is usually supplied by the lowest possible bidder. Each dish is unit priced.
E1skeptic is correct in saying airlines are selling transportation, not food. But it wasn’t always that way.
When the main flying machine was a DC-3 the stewardesses had time to serve a hot meal
(for the record: fried chicken, mashed potatos and peas were the general fare–at least on American Airlines).
When the first 707 entered the picture the serving process got hectic. My Aunt worked on Pan Am when the jets were introduced. There was no way they could serve and then clean up when a former 3 hour flight now took half that time to complete.
Will it change? Why should it? The public has voted for cheap transportation with their dollars.
I’d pass on the pretzels any day if the airline would just supply a few more inches of leg room.

If the flight is serving a meal, you can request a meal for special dietary needs. When you book your reservations, ask the reservationist (or travel agent) if there is a meal & what special diet meals are available. They will be along the lines of vegetarian, low-calorie type meals. However, they are usually better that what other people are getting, because the flight attendants have to prepare them specially.

Note: Burger King is only good because you get the burger just a short time after it’s cooked. To serve it on the plane, the meals would have to be cooked, transported to the plane no later than ten or fifteen minutes before planned take-off, then not served until the plane has reached a certain point, which is usually 30 minutes after actual take-off. So we’re talking, what, burgers that are an hour old, say? Yech.

If you want Burger King, most airports have one in the waiting area. Get one and bring it on the plane with you. (Although I’ve heard that it is NOT polite to take McDonald’s on the plane, apparently stinks the place up.) I often get a meal at the airport or prepare something at home to take with me.

Lousy food on planes is regrettable. Lousy food in hospitals is criminal.

“Lousy food on planes is regrettable. Lousy food in hospitals is criminal.”

For profit hospitals are criminal. The food is the least of your worries.

I second the motion that the airlines should just 86 their crappy meals and give me a couple extra inches of legroom in compensation.

I think there’s a very simple reason for the bad food. It is always something that’s been reheated. Personally, I’d prefer fresh cold food like a sandwich or cheeseplate. Is it just me or does anybody else feel just a little nausious when they see one of those Marriott trucks pulling up to a plane you’re about to board?

Fat-free pretzels, at that. Like eating sand.

      • I don’t have any really old pretzel bags to check, but as I remember regular pretzels never had much fat anyway - it was the sodium that was the health concern. (Those giant soft pretzels may well be another story; they’re quite yummy so I’d expect them to have a thousand calories) - MC

If you want to live like a first-class passenger, tell them you need a kosher meal. You and the first-classers will get the same meal. (Of course, you’ll have to decide whether you think it’s first class or coach quality).

FWIW, I’ve never been bothered by the taste of airline food. Maybe I’m less picky, or maybe the kosher meals are better.

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Obviously none of you have ever flown Virgin Atlantic. The food they offer in coach beats most New York restaurants, and I’m not talking about Burger King!

For transatlantic flights, dimitri? Then yeah, it’s going to be better - you have more time to serve the food! (Gotta do soemthing for that 7 hour flight to London…)

Finally got back to this thread after a while - Doug, you’re absolutely correct. Airline food won’t get better until the airlines feel they can charge more for the seats.

And Papabear:

Hey! Those Marriott trucks paid my way through college! :slight_smile: (And a nitpick - Marriott isn’t in the airline catering business anymore…)

I flew a couple times on one airline (name escapes me) from Kansas City to the East Coast. They served a “snack”, which consisted of deli turkey and lettuce on a roll, with a packet of mustard and mayo to use if you liked, a small bag of baby carrots, a tiny container of dip for the carrots, and M&M’s ™ for dessert. Maybe it wasn’t a lot of food, but it was healthy and kept me happy for the 2 hr flight, and I’d much rather have a cold sandwich than heated-up chicken-or-lasagne any day.
Just my $0.02

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Personally, I don’t think that the food tastes bad at all. The problem is that the portions are small, to a nearly comic degree. One time, I flew on a breakfast flight, and the meal pack had a mini bagel but a full-sized packet of cream cheese, with the result that the cream cheese packet was the same size as the bagel you were supposed to put it on!!

As to exchanging food for leg room, I have to fly South West if I’m going on business to a city they fly to, and they have neither food (except for snacks) nor leg room!

But, really, I rarely complain about this because you know what you’re getting into when you fly nonstop from Chicago to Baltimore for $150 round-trip. You expect a porter, free beverages, etc. when you ride in a sleeping compartment on Amtrak, but you do not and should not expect such treatment on the subway for $1.50!

Ok, let me throw in my $0.02 from first class, it sucks as well. Hard bagels, cold pasta salad (drenched in white vinegar), bizarre ice cold half sandwiches, same shitty service, very limited over-head storage. The seats are wider, but have been moving closer together.

I used to fly every week. That ended last May. I flew TWA.

Being up front also exposes you to a great deal of labor union bullshit. The flight attendant constantly bitching about their carrier, and the inside of seemingly all cabinet doors are scrawled with hateful messages.

Oh, the hair. If forgot to mention that the “food” usually had hair in it.

-Sweet, E