airport shuttle service - how much to tip?

I am traveling this week and need a 1 way trip from the airport to my home. I just confirmed my reservation online and had to pre-pay with a credit card. As part of the payment process, I was prompted to enter my gratuity - the suggested gratuity was 18%. I was already planning to tip the driver in cash, so I left the field blank.

I definitely did not want to tip in advance since I’ve had some bad experiences with shuttle drivers but I don’t mind tipping for good service (which is what I thought tipping was - to reward good service after the fact, how is one supposed to pre-pay a tip?)

I have 2 light suitcases (left a lot of presents behind) and it’s a 46.00 fare. I was honestly planning on tipping 5.00 and the 18% suggested gratuity surprised me a little. I might have planned to tip a little more if the shuttle driver was coming to pick me up since my neighborhood is a bit of a maze and it can be hard to find my place. Dropping me off should be no big deal.

Am I being too cheap? What would you guys tip the shuttle driver?

Also, since I left the gratuity field blank in the online form, I wonder if my service will be less than stellar (long wait for a shuttle going my direction, last to be dropped off without cause, etc). Should I have just sucked it up and tipped the recommended 18% when I made my booking?

I always tipped roughly 20% but based on service.

They want you to pre-pay the gratuity? I agree, that’s nuts! Its not like the driver will know you tipped well and give you good service when the ride actually takes place.

I haven’t taken an airport shuttle in a while, but I tipped based on if the driver took my bags or was otherwise helpful, otherwise maybe not. $9.20 seems a little high, I’d tip him a five for a couple of light bags, although I’d go $10 if he had to help me with a portable land barge.