AirTran doesn't care about turtles!

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Clearly AirTran Airways is populated with life-hating jerks straight out of Avatar. The adorable bundle of joy (appropriately named Neytiri) managed to survive (I’d argue this proves the existence of God), thankfully. I’m boycotting AirTran (unless they’re providing the cheapest flights available- then I’ll fly AirTrain… begrudgingly).

They don’t hate turtles. It’s just that if they make an exception for a 2-inch turtle confined to a cage that can fit under the seat, they’ll have to allow someone else’s pet 400-pound gorilla with aggression-control issues to wander freely throughout the cabin and cockpit.

Agree completely. I think it’s nuts that Yahoo! would make a report that’s sympathetic to the pet’s owners. You can’t expect the employees to be qualified to decide between which pets are and aren’t allowed.

Or they could have done it and not mentioned it to anyone, particularly anyone with a gorilla.

Besides, they have free wireless. I fly JetBlue whenever possible though.

Y’know, I have to side with the airline here. Their prohibition, as reported, is against reptiles in the cabin because they carry salmonella. Who wants to be the one to allow the cute little 10 year old with her adorable turtle, only to have the one take the other out of its sweet little cage and start handling it? And then passing it to another passenger to coo over, and then NOT WASHING THEIR HANDS because it’s a bitch to get into the bathroom on the airplane and they’ll do it just as soon as they get off the plane (promise!) in a real bathroom… And now they’re touching the call lights and the table trays and the drink cart…

You wanna decontaminate a whole plane sticky with salmonella and then wade through the lawsuits from everyone who gets sick? I don’t. And if I see an easy way to minimize that risk, like not letting animals known to commonly carry the bacteria onto the plane to start with, I’m going to go with that.

'Sides, unless she hatched the turtle from an older turtle, that’s an illegal turtle in (most of? all?) the US. You can’t legally buy or sell a turtle under 4 inches as a pet anywhere I know.

(And I would have made her wash her hands after discarding the turtle, too. But I’m mean like that.)

I’ve had with all these mother fuckin’ gorillas on this mother fuckin’ plane.

I work in the aviation industry, and this sort of thing is solidifying my feeling that we are going batshit insane. It was that way to some extent before 9/11, but ever since then it’s gotten worse.

This airline, in their zeal to enforce a minor rule, tells a kid to throw their pet in the trash. That’s crazy on several levels.

Yes, I understand why the rules are there. Yes, I understand that you have to be careful about making exceptions. But this strikes me as rigid to the point of brain dead and stupid. Ditto for the passengers sitting on a stifling plane in Connecticut the other day.

I’m reminded of the Taliban going around beating bedridden hospital patients because they were unable to kneel and pray. There comes a point where an overly zealous approach to enforcing the rules keeps you from functioning in the world properly. That’s where we are in aviation, and I’m getting sick of it.


Ya know, AirTran may not be entirely evil here, judging by the article - among other things they insist that they did not tell the sisters to throw away the animal, only that it could not go on the plane with them, and that they were offered at least twice a free rebooking for later:


Sorry, but taking random live animals onto a plane without clearing it beforehand is so not a wise move; they don’t even let you have 3.5 oz of a moisturizer on flights. The airline claims they didn’t say “throw your turtle away or else!” and the 22-year-old says she made a snap decision. And yes, the potential of salmonella all over a plane is just asking for lawsuits out the wazoo for AirTran.

I always get a kick out of people who feel they can do what they please because they feel like it.

Of course the parents NEVER know. Like I worked in a suburban Chicago hotel (Red Roof Inn) and on the weekends parents would come rent rooms and their kids would have parties. I recall one time the kid had cocaine and other drugs and got busted. Of course the mother swore she had no way of knowing.

I told her and the cops,“Of course you knew. That’s why you rented a room instead of having the party at your own home, a few blocks away. You didn’t want those drugs at your house.”

The staff of the airline probably said “Sorry you can’t take that turtle on borad.” Child replies, “What will I do I guess I’ll have to throw him out.” As if that is going to cause sympathy. Now the child tells the story that the airline said “throw your turtle away.”

Of course, if the pet turtle in question was actually Gamera (a far better name for a turtle…), it wouldn’t have to be checked as luggage, heck, the girls could probably fly to their destination via “Gamera Air”…

Gamera is really neat.

Honestly, I’d rather they let the turtle fly and tossed the kids. But that’s just me. Quieter is better.

Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter…

Silence is Golden Magazine. I plan to offer a package deal to parents, or really to anyone who wants kids to be less bothersome. Two simultaneous surgeries: one “fixes” kids so their parents don’t have to worry about being surprise grandparents, and the other is what I call a “voiceboxectomy”.

The magazine discusses several issues, the most important being how to change the laws so any adult can order these procedures for any child, related or not.

Later we’ll get around to discussing whether figuring out how to reverse the procedures is worth investinging in.

Jesus, that’s cold-blooded.

He is filled with turtle meat!

I’m a bit concerned about the size of the turtle being reported. I thought selling turtles under 4 inches was a no-no.

Also, the Salmonella risk.

And AirTran is not very sympathetic to pets, period.

Really? Your first instinct is to assume the person is lying with the flimsiest of evidence? I would never have a party at my house because it looks so awful. We rent a church for out Thanksgiving party every year.

What I’m saying is that there are plenty of reasons to rent a hotel room that have nothing to do with drugs. Unless there is more information you are not telling us, I have no idea why you would jump to that conclusion. I’d be much more likely to believe the kid pulled a fast one on the mom, as parents of troublemaking kids almost always think their kids are angels.