Airwolf on DVD!

Late last week I realized I had $20 worth of best buy reward zone dollars to spend, and since they had a relatively soon expiration date, I decided I should spend them sooner rather then later, when I’d likely forget all about them.

For the past couple years, I’ve been trying to get ahold of episodes of Airwolf (ya know, that old 80’s TV show about the coolest helicopter of all time!), but never really having much luck. Couldn’t find the episodes for download on the net (it was worth a shot), the guide on TiVo wasn’t finding anything, and the only version I could find to buy was for UK DVD encoding. I would have bought it, except that I dont have a UK encoding DVD player.

So this past weekend I was wondering what I should spend the Best Buy $$ on, and Mithril had a great idea. Maybe Airwolf had come out on DVD. So I checked, and sure enough, the first season has been released! I went to the Best Buy site and was happy to see that they stocked the first season. It didn’t take long to head over and pick it up.

I fully expected to be pretty disappointed - I was totally psyched for the show when I was a kid, and after seeing DVD episodes of the Greatest American Hero recently, I confirmed my suspicion that old 80’s TV shows really weren’t that good.

But this was a TV show about the coolest helicopter of all time!

Who cares that the dialogue, acting, script, production and sound sucks. Who cares that half the show is the same cut scenes from one episode to the next. It was a show about the coolest helicopter of all time! :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching the episodes during the evenings this week after work. While I haven’t finished watching all the episodes, it has still been very cool (in a nostalgic kind of way) to be able to watch the show again. It’s made me think that I might actually pick up the Knight Rider and A-Team DVD’s. As if I wasn’t going to anyway, at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, I have the dang theme song stuck in my head.

So, was Airwolf or Blue Thunder cooler?

At my office there was a partisan debate over the relative merits of Airwolf and Knight Rider. The two camps were fiercely divided over the issue of theme songs in particular. (One guy even downloaded the Airwolf theme to use as his cell phone ring tone.) In the other categories:

Head-to-head fight. Definitely the helicopter, 'cause it can, you know, fly.

Sarcastic put-downs. Give the edge to KITT on this one.

Cute, red-headed mechanic. Tough call, but I gotta go with Airwolf.

Good god, man, you coulda bought something good with that twenty bucks! Instead, you get Jan Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine. Sad, sad, sad.

Next you’ll be telling me you’re salivating over the MacGyver boxed sets.

Hey, I flew out to oil rigs on Bell 222 helicopters a few times back in the 80s, so I’ve ridden in Airwolf, or near enough. Take that.

Kind of enjoyed the show, but frankly, if there is a hell and I’m sent to it, Ernest Borgnine will be on TV there 24/7 forever.

Didja loop it? It doesn’t count unless you loop it.

20 + years later that theme still runs through my head whenever I accelerate to merge onto a highway, or pass an 18-wheeler.

I can’t even remember the Knight Rider theme music.

Just think of the bass track of any techno mix. Close enough.

What? That’s a bad thing? :smiley:

Even though I’m not going to buy the Airwolf DVD, it makes me feel better knowing Jan Michael Vincent’s middle-part will be preserved in yet another DVD set. Ooooh Jan Michael Vincent why did your 80s hotness have to go so horribly wrong? Life is so cruel. Bittersweet Jan Michael Vincent moment!