Airwolf. Still on TV!

So I was flipping around the channels this morning and came across an episode of Airwolf. Oh, boy! I loooved this show when I was a kid. You remember Airwolf, right? There’s this super-duper helicopter and it was built and/or owned by The Firm. But this guy and his buddy/employer steal the helicopter and hide it in a cave in the desert. And whenever The Firm needs something done with the super-duper helicopter, they send their guy, Archangel, to go and tell the helicopter thieves what to do. You know Archangel is important because: 1) they call him Archangel, and 2) he always wears an all-white suit, has a cane, and sports an eyepatch.
Anyhow, the main helicopter thief (we’ll call him “Stringfellow” because–believe it or don’t–that’s his name) promises to give the super-super helicopter back to The Firm once his M.I.A brother, St. John is located. In the meantime, he and his buddy will worry about it’s safety, security, ammunition, and maintenance, thankyouverymuch.
Why didn’t my parents ever tell me how bad this show was?

Oh yeah, and I watched the whole episode this morning. Man, I’m such a loser.

Among the great character names of the '80s (Michael Knight, Starbuck, Howling Mad Murdock, Boss Hogg) Stringfellow Hawke is the greatest.

And who wouldn’t want Ernest Borgnine as their plucky sidekick?

Airwolf rules :cool:

Oy, I had such fond memories of Airwolf, from when I was a young pup. I thought it was the coolest, most exciting show on TV at the time.

Then I saw it again on cable channel surfing one evening during a business trip after having become all-grown up and all…

Whoo-boy, talk about being embarassed and disillusioned and all that at the same time… :o :frowning:

They did have some *very *cool in-flight photography though… To this day I still have the theme music playing through my head when I have to do some particularly fast bit of driving…