Ajax - Man-U. Aka Lalas sucks soooo bad.

This is a fun game. Unfortunately, where I’m at I need to either watch it on mute, or be subjected to the inane and wholly uninformed bleating of Mr. Lalas. Lord, but for a guy who arguably played the game, he misses many of the finer points. Also the not-so-fine points.

I’m guessing this is about the Europa League Final which Manchester United is currently leading 2 - 0, yes?

I know it’s at least 1-0 because I’m waiting to pick my partner up from the train station about 20 miles from Manchester, and there was a humongous roar from the pub opposite a short while ago!

Yes, Kywatcher. 2-0. Not sure how that’s relevant to my point , though?

Sorry, Skywatcher. Fat fingers on phone.

That was for those who see the thread title but can’t be arsed to ask Google what it means. :slight_smile: