Al Gore's Current Political Aspirations

I’ve been hearing a lot of renewed speculation about a possible Al Gore presidential candidacy now that he’s won the Nobel Peace Prize. But I don’t think it’s going to happen. Jumping in at this point would cause too much disruption and create a lot of hard feelings among other Democratic aspirants. Everything seems geared now towards a Clinton nomination, and throwing a monkey wrench in the works would be too divisive.

I’d like to propose a solution that I have not heard suggested yet, one that I feel would guarantee a Democratic victory in November 2008. (Apologies if it’s already been suggested on this board and I missed it.) And that is: Yet another Clinton-Gore ticket! Hillary as the presidential nominee and Gore once again as Veep. There’s a two-term limit on presidents, but as far as I know, there are no term limits on vice presidents. Why not a Hilary-Gore ticket? Then Gore could gear up for his own run after Hillary winds her time up.

Nah. Putting it mildly, Al doesn’t like Hillary.

Furthermore, all the pundits are saying he won’t run for President, period. Therefore it’s dead solid certain that he will. And he’ll win.

Please don’t wake me from my blissful dream.

I would vote for the man, so don’t get me wrong. But I tend to believe the too-disruptive argument. And as they say, politics makes for strange bedfellows (Al and Hillary, Bill and Monica). Al’s a politician; could be he’d climb in bed with Hillary in a heartbeat if it meant the Dems would regain power for sure. And he’d be well-positioned and not too old in another eight years. I’ve also heard that Tipper is against a presidential run, although his daughter is all for it.

Gore has said he’s not interested in the Presidency. Not now, anyway. But if a Republican wins in 2008, I’d say there’s a very good chance you’ll see him running in 2012.

Al Gore winning the Nobel is good for Hillary. It makes the past Clinton administration look even better. It makes people more likely to want more of that, even if Al isn’t involved.

Frankly, I could see Hillary championing Al Gore as Secretary of State, or Secretary of the Interior, or head of the EPA, or something like that. Or even ‘special advisor to the president on energy policy’, or as a new ‘energy czar’ or whatever. Maybe a position like Arnold Schwartzenegger had as president of the President’s council on fitness - basically a cheerleader and campaigner and representative to the world on a special issue - this time climate change or the environment.

And I can see Al loving a role like that, which keeps him in the spotlight, helps promote a cause he cares about, and yet keeps him at a distance from the administration.

What does Gore have to gain from another stint as VP? It’s not like he needs the resume padding, or that anyone doesn’t return his phone calls as it is. He can do a lot more good as an activist outside the government, and he knows that.

He looks great as a candidate now, when he has nothing to lose, he can be himself, and the media generally views him favorably. But the second he steps in the ring, that all ends. He might fall right back into the patterns of 2000, where the media will say anything to tear him down and he plays right into their made-up narratives. I agree with Sam–the only way we’ll see him running is in the unlikely event the Republicans win next year, in which case he’ll gear up for 2012.

If he really cares about protecting the environment, what better position is there to do that?

Almost any other position than VP, I’d think.

From an interview in Fast Company:

The article notes how much money he’s making, and how much influence he has now. I don’t see him running for any political office, at least for the foreseeable future, and certainly not willing to take the VP job again.

Yea, I think Al is a lot happier now then he would’ve been if he’d won the election in 2000. The rest of the country, not so much, but good on him anyways.

I agree that he won’t run, and that Hillary will appoint him as Global Warming Czar or something after the election.

What he would gain by running as Veep again is a guarantee of a Democratic win next year and a near guarantee of a 16-year Democratic run: Two terms for Hillary and two for him. While Veep, he’d have the time and authority to work on environmental projects.

But if Hillary did promise to make him secretary of tate or energy czar, that might be enough to tip the scales, I guess.

The most recent rumor that I heard was that he would make good first US-American Secretary-General of the UN. That could be interesting and it’s one of the few positions that aren’t an obvious step backwards for him.

Nah, IMHO, that won’t happen. Not because he wouldn’t make a good one, but because the UN has very specific political reasons for not having an American as Secretary-General.

For a while, I was all for a Gore 2008 run. I even thought about signing the petition. That was until Hillary made it clear that she wasn’t kidding around. She’s really running a great campaign so far, and I no longer feel that it’s necessary for Gore to come in and save us from yet another year with “no good candidate”. I’m still not thrilled with the whole Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton (what are we, a monarchy?), but she’s really gained some serious “momentum”, and I think…gasp…people might even be starting to like her.

Gore as head of the EPA doesn’t make sense; it’s just not that type of position. My bet with Gore is that he will be appointed as a special climate change czar, should any democrat win.

mmm… could he be going for UN Secretary-General in a few years time?

If Gore has political aspirations, why would he want to be Vice President?

I mean that. He was VP for eight years, and as far as I know, he didn’t get anything accomplished on climate change issues. He’s done more to “raise awareness” or whatever in the last two years than he did in that time. He’s already been Vice President for two terms and was a whisker away from being President. Why would he be Hillary’s second banana when he appears to be getting more accomplished and having a better time doing what he’s doing now? He may not have been a great politician and he was a downright crappy candidate for President. Even if he gets elected, he would have to moderate his positions to please Congress and other people in his party. Right now he doesn’t have to answer to anybody. He’s got a way better deal as an activist.

As I understand it, the UN has an unofficial rule that the Secretary-General cannot come from a permanent member of the Security Council. That would rule out Gore.

Since we all pretty much agree that he isn’t going to try for the presidency this time around, something I haven’t heard talked about is who he might endorse for president. Since Bill’s endorsement is not really in play unless he wants to spend another few months sleeping on the couch, Gore is probably the most important Dem supporter for the candidates to fight over.

Last time around he endorsed Dean (and notably, not his former running mate, Liebermann), so he obviously doesn’t have anything philosophically against taking sides in the primary process. Also, his popularity amongst Dems has risen since 2004, so if he not only endorsed someone but agreed to make some campaign stops with them, I could see him really helping out either Obama or Edwards, or alternatively, cementing Hillary’s lead.

Exactly. The security council veto is enough power for any one country (especially the US), in the eyes of the majority of UN members.

I dunno. Dean’s campaign imploded within weeks of Gore’s endorsement last time around (granted, that wasn’t Gore’s doing). The Gore nod just didn’t seem to do him much good. Even now with an Oscar, an Emmy and a Nobel, I don’t think ol’ Al will play that big of a role in the Dem primary process. Hillary doesn’t seem to need him, and I doubt he’d help any of the others all that much.

Otherwise, what DoctorJ said.

I will chime in to agree with the chorus saying that Gore won’t run for President. Simply put, he’s waited too long, and he doesn’t have enough time to whip up a committee, a campaign, and the tubload of money that he’d need to compete against Hillary. (Especially considering the early primary schedule.)

I also don’t see much reason why he’d want Hillary’s VP slot, nor any reason why she’d want him. The issues Hillary needs to watch out for are being female, perceived as weak on national defense, and being an East coast-dwelling elitist. consequently she needs someone tough and manly, strong on defense, and representative of ordinary folks. (Or at least someone who’s viewed that way.) Al Gore just doesn’t cut the mustard; Jim Webb or Wesley Clark would be better choices.