Al Green and Dave Matthews booed off stage?

I just read about an incident in which Dave Matthews had Al Green come out and sing with him, and being booed off stage. Can someone tell me WHY this happened? Why would anyone boo Al Green off stage? Al Green is awesome.


I found this:

No accounting for taste, I guess…

I’ll say!! :eek:

Man. I assume all Dave Matthews fans aren’t that shallow. Are they?

I could explain this occurrence by saying it’s because fans of the DMB are drunken idiot fratboys who don’t know or care about any music made before 1985 but that would be unfair and inaccurate stereotyping.

I’m sure there’s at least one fan who doesn’t belong to a fraternity.

(This brings up another question: where did the stereotype of the Dave Matthews Band fan being a drunken fratboy come from? I’ve listened to their songs and they mostly seem like earnest, liberal, and folky “alt” rock. There doesn’t seem to be anything that screams, “Party!”)

I’ve wondered the same thing about Hootie and the Blowfish.

It’s because they’re the soft band that it’s “cool” to like. A fratboy can say “I listen to Dave Matthews!” and girls can all think “Ooooh, he’s so sensitive.”

So you see, Dave Matthews gets our fratboy what he’s after: easy, frat-groupie pussy.

So basically, all the supposed fratboy love of the DMB is just a ruse. In actuality, they, at best, only tolerate their music. Once fratboy scores with said frat-groupie he can go back to listening to something he really likes (e.g., Blink 182 or Limp Bizkit). Is this correct?

At UF in the late '90s, EVERYONE seemed to be obsessed with Dave Matthews Band after the tie-dyed types first embraced their sound. Before long, the Greeks followed suit, with their plaid button-down shirts, khakis, corduroy baseball caps (turned backwards, of course), and hemp jewelry: the Abercrombie-and-Fitch crowd. For the first time, frat boys and sorority girls blended together with the hippies and “Trustafarians” and swayed back and forth to “deep, meaningful” lyrics like “Hike up your skirt a little more / Show the world to me / Crash into me.” I guess DMB is good music to get fucked up and get laid to, which is what united those normally diverse cultures. While frat boys might normally stomp the hippies into the pavement, Leroi Moore’s mellow saxophone and Boyd Tinsley’s pulsating violin convinced them that those smelly freaks might be great sources of kind buds for the Friday night woodser, so a truce was formed. And when Carter Beauford played those drums, it caused Pikes and Rainbow Children alike to stand side by side, inhale deeply, and realize they were all pretty much the same. See also: Phish, 311, Bob Marley (but only his “Legend” CD).

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