Al Zaqawi gets his 72 virgins!

Mixed feelings on this. I’m Obviously thirilled that he’s no longer breathing my air, but I don’t think his death will change a fucking thing. Seems like a hollow moral victory to me. I wonder who the next Emanuel Goldstein in Bagdad will be.

That said, rot in hell.

Yeah, it isn’t like somebody isn’t going to step up and replace him. In fact, whoever does replace him now has a ‘reason’ to be especially brutal.

I even scored on him in the Death Pool. Life is good (for me); sucks to be him…

Mixed feelings, my ass.

I feel only unalloyed joy that this piece of shit has been taken out at last. Yeah, there will be others. That’s no reason not to celebrate this slimeball’s death.

And as for 72 virgins, the only people he’ll have to play hide the salami with are the seven aides that went to Hell with him.

I got him in the Death Pool too, and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been to see myself score. Evil bastard–bombing that shrine in Samarra alone has cost enough lives.

I think it’s a bit early to say what will or won’t change–I can’t believe that just anybody will be able to be the international recruiter he was–but right now I don’t care. Justice has been done, he got betrayed by his own like the dog he was, and we Americans got to be the ones to take him out! Life is good!

Yes, Al Zaqawi gets his 72 virgins.

Sadly, they’re all former Catholic nuns over the age of 80 with a combined 500 years worth of sexual frustration.

Fuck him. He was an cunt of the hightest order. I hope the prick lived for a while after the bombing knowing that the dark was on it’s way.

Not going to change a fucking thing IMO but as has already been said the fact that this prick is dead is a good thing.

I heard they took him to a hospital, where he died of his injuries.

The intelligence we got from this will be invaluable. Congratulations to the Iraqi security forces, the US soldiers, and the coalition forces. You done good.

This is the first time I’ve said this about anyone: here’s hoping he suffered.

I saw the tape of the beheading of Nicholas Berg. A missile is much too kind.

Whistle, thud, Ka-Powie!
I’ll drain my glass.
And bunker my ass,
Awaiting 80% security cuts (Zowie!)

72 virgins await to tease,
the cowardly bomber now at ease,
Mohammed’s murder-boy,
stopped bringing Imams joy,
(And MOAB gave them each their own piece!)

They already have video have the bombing? I think my tinfoil hat is on too tight today, because something just doesn’t seem right.

He needed killin’. I only wish we had used one of them decaptitating pen-knife missiles.

Might have made a difference back when, but not a whit now.

What intelligence did we get from this?

Gunsight video. Duh. :smack:

Yeah I guess they usually film lots of things, but the non events get tossed out.

Laptops, cell phones, etc. Insight into Al Qaeda in Iraq.

No cite, I heard it on the news, and this is happening fast and furious.

Not 72 virgins. 72 Virginians.

I think it’s Patrick Henry’s turn to kick al-Zarqawi’s ass for a while.

OK, folks…

Yes, the guy was a creep. Even so, I just want to say that the sight of normally calm and civilized Dopers cheering over someone’s death, and expressing hopes that he suffered, is a bit spine-chilling.

However, never mind me. Carry on.

By my calculations, that’s over 72 x 60 = 4,320 years of sexual frustration. He’ll be saying his "Hail Mary"s in no time at all.

The offing of one of the major focuses of evil in the world is something to cheer about.