Alaricthegoth, are you ok?

I’ve noticed some posts of yours in GD lately that just leads me to ask if you’ve gone off your rocker. This isn’t because of the positions you’ve taken, although I tend not to agree with them, but just because the posts seem incoherant.

For example, there’s this new thread, in which I think you want to talk about what actions Venezuela should take to protect itself against US hostility:

Or this one, about Zarquari:

Or, this one, which started out being about how Arabs are having more kids than Israelis and became a general flaming of Israel:

Or…but I won’t go on…there are a bunch of them. The problem isn’t the ideas you’re trying to express, even though they’re boneheaded ideas. The problem is, you’re speaking in a stream of consciousness ranting that makes you seem about as rational a debater as that guy who lives in the bus station. Please, I’m begging you, say what you mean. Make logical sense. You’ll get more and better responses if you do.

If you read some of his older posts, you’ll see that he’s always been like that. So, I don’t know about “OK”, but he’s communicating at his normal level of coherency.