Alarming Trend in Commercials

People who start dancing for absolutely for no reason. I’m specifically thinking of the Metro PCS commercial(s) featuring twins who are “so happy” that they bust out some sort of synchronized breakdancing, but there’s another one where some chick is dancing because of a cool faucet and one where they’re dancing because they love their weber grill and so on and so on. Please make it stop.

There have been documentaries chronicling how entire towns break into song and dance.

Man, you’re going to hate it when Bollywood starts to become mainstream in the rest of the world. :slight_smile:

Is this really a recent trend, though? Jackson-Hewitt had people dancing about their tax refunds two years ago.

If we think about it, hasn’t this been going on forever? If you’re a masochist, here’s a McDonald’s dance scene from the 1980s.

I opened that link expecting to watch the Jason Alexander McDLT commercial.

Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?

ok that’s hitting below the belt. We can thank Mr. Manilow for that one, and the stupid “I’m stuck, on, band-aid brands cuz band-aids stuck on me”

ancient Cheez Whiz spot where narrator sings “Cheez Whiz” and woman at fridge breaks into dance after a scoop of CW.

Jimmy Fallon did a funky bit of a Baryshnikov through NYC streets for a Pepsi spot.

Now if only Steve “Elbows” Ballmer might appear in an ad.

Wow. That is just the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Granted I don’t watch tv much (and that might be your problem ;)), but breaking into dancing is one of the joys of life! My sweetheart and I do that when we’re happy, just being goofy, and that one time we got a new faucet. It’s fun! Lots of people do it, even those who are not on commercials!!

I think you’re not going to beat them, so you might as well join them.

And maybe then those darn kids will get off your lawn!

Would you like to be a Kitchen brother?

Did you ever see that TV series Fargo?

There were two characters referred to as “The Kitchen Brothers”. They were professional killers. But they were very interesting people. Very competent at what they did and very softspoken. They let their weapons do their talking. And when they talked, people listened to what they had to say.

Oh yes, they did!

Do not mess with the Kitchen family. :smiley: