Those annoying attempts to create fads out of whole cloth

I couldn’t think of a better way to put this. If you know a better word or phrase for the phenomenon, I’d love to know it.

The main theme is exemplified by Taco Bell when they try to create some new dance or hand gesture to allow Taco Bell insiders to pass along the code.

The one that I hate most is that “chipotle dance” that was running recently where the guy is doing some awkward looking dance move sort of thing to demonstrate that he is favorably impressed with whatever it is that the chipotle concoction is doing to his metabolism. His moves are then copied by bystanders who wonder what sort of hallucinogen he’s on.

Then there’s the little hand move for “good to go” displayed by the fans of the folded over soft shell glop meal-on-a-soft-shell whatever.

Surely you can name similar ones that you have to wonder what imbeciles in the ad company decided this would become the new thing for geeks who really need some new hand signals or dance moves to show how cool they are with the product or service.

That old Dr. Pepper gimmick with the dance company coming down the street all West Side Story like with “I’m a pepper, he’s a pepper, etc.” ditty, would be another example.

Which ones really get under your skin worst?

You are clearly not gellin’.

That’s the sort of thing! Don’t you just want to smack one of those dodos in the head with an aluminum bat?


I’m proud to say I don’t recognize this one. Local, maybe? Some sort of game? A car model? A new Geico icon? A new Star Wars critter?

Jaguar, from about three years ago.

Still no clue. Either it didn’t play in this area or I managed to avoid it. Any particularly noteworthy features I might recognize?

One I’m reminded of is that Vonage use of the 5-6-7-8’s thing from Kill Bill that is ultra-annoying. I can’t help but think it’s a putdown of blues changes. One of the Chevy models (I’ve repressed which) used it for a while, too. But the main abuse was when there were all sorts of goofups going on behind the music, like the kid driving a golf ball through a plate glass window.

I don’t remember much of it. Guys wanting to use ‘leaper’ in casual conversation as in, ‘That’s leaper!’ (The ‘leaper’ is the leaping jaguar hood ornament.)

I don’t remember seeing the ad on TV. But then, I usually don’t watch commercials. ISTR hearing the ad on KROQ (L.A. radio station).

Thanks for explaining. That does fit the criteria for the thread, for sure.

I get the impression that Old Navy would like to create some new dance craze, but man, are those some garish ads.

I don’t know if this counts, but I hate when companies try to make up nicknames for their own products.

Like Sunny D and KD. With KD meaning Kraft Dinner - I clarify this because I seem to recall that in the US it’s just called Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, or at least it used to be.

“They’re calling it the hot new hand held!”

Yes, that’s the spirit of the thread. All those pompous displays by the ad department or agency to accelerate the acceptance of some previously unheard of idea. I can accept things like hula hoop, pet rocks, chia pets, to some degree since the public at least assisted in those things becoming fads. But when the company or their agents try to imply the fad is “already here” when it isn’t is the height of presumptuous gall to me. It makes me want to avoid the product or service so the sponsor will have to get another advisor for their advertising – or go out of business! :smiley:

‘What can Brown do for you?’

For years I hated UPS. Unbelievably Poor Service. Then they came up with their ‘Brown’ campaign.

Poo is brown.

In faireness, I haven’t had any problems with them lately. Still won’t use them to ship, but I no longer demand that items be sent to me non-UPS.

For a decade I have been openly defying Kentucky Fried Chicken’s campaign to be known only by its initials. Fuck them.

[the groove tube]


From the Uranus Corporation!

Something good is always coming out of Uranus!


I seem to recall during my early childhood a number of companies attempting to get us to add, as a synonym for “cool,” “awesome,” etc., the word “tubular.”

The reaction - at least among Winnipeg fifth-graders - was distinctly unimpressed.

The champion corporation of all time of this sort of thing has to be Old Navy, who will present as the latest craze whatever surplus clothing they happen to need to get rid of. A few months ago it was “Everybody in madras,” because they had a lot of it lying around. The ads are slick and people fall for it. You have to admit, they’re good at it.

I remember “tubular”. I’m not making a mental link to any corporate campaign, however. Maybe that just makes it all the more sinister.

Burger King is now BK, which reminds me of the BTK killer for some reason, so I wonder how long that will last.

I actually used to repeat this one, “A taco revolution? I am THERE!”

Southern Comfort being re-named to SoCo is very annoying.

Remember, “Do you Canoe?” Awful.

Those damn “gellin” things are the WORST, though.

Stake it! Stake it!

Remember that Zima guy back in the 90’s? Not so much of a fad, but an attempt to make a cool, hip spokesman/symbol for Zima. That guy made me sick.