Current ads that grate on you

There’s an ad for the Nissan Juke which involves a guy getting donuts on the way to a meeting. Not a preposterously dumb add on the scale of dumb ads, except that the voiceover at the end says, in this incredibly self-satisfied fashion, “that’s right… we put a turbo into a sportcross”.

This irritates me for several reasons:
(1) What the heck is “a turbo”? Isn’t turbo an adjective?
(2) For that matter, what the heck is a sportcross?
(3) This ad implies that one of the great quests in modern life has been the challenge of putting a turbo into a sportcross. Like, the way that the 4-minute-mile seemed to be such an important barrier for human achievement, so is the dilemma of how to put a turbo into a sportcross.


Another ad that bugs me is a radio ad that begins (this is fairly close to a direct quote) “the original name for the internet was the world wide web”. That is wrong on SO many levels. Well, at least two.


Any Windows 7 ad that has people going “to the cloud” for actions that do not require cloud computing to achieve. Which, so far, is all of them.

Not only is “The Cloud” not required for any of that stuff, but doing those tasks on “The Cloud” is about ten times harder than a standalone program or just making your brat children stand still for the picture.

Braun’s “Wear Your Face” campaign…[link to thread I started about this one…]


I hate the commercial where everyone is CRUNCHING loudly on Kit-Kat bars (although I like Kit-Kat bars). YUCK. I have to kill the volume when that one is on.

Charmin’s little bear with dingleberries and their “Enjoy the Go” campaign. I love their product, but hate their ads. Their TP makes shitting a tolerable event, but nothing I’d every enjoy doing.

This this this. Any commercial with audible crunch, slurp, slobber sounds.


Any ad that features Train’s og-awful earworm, Hey Soul Sister.

There’s one for a cough syrup, I think it’s Robitussin. Clueless Man is standing in the cough syrup aisle at the drugstore and doesn’t know which one to buy. A chimpanzee walks up, whips out an iPhone and uses their handy-dandy app, and then picks just the right Robitussin to match his symptoms.

Men; almost as smart as chimps. Oh yeah, I’m gonna run right out and support that message.

The major light beer commercials. All of them. The guy in the thong, the guy who is a momma’s boy. The beer who’s major selling point seems to be labels that change color and swirly bottles or something.

Some car commercial with an ostensibly adorable moppet talking to the camera about how mortifying it is to have your parents driving an old, wood-paneled, passe minivan. This kid fills me with an indescribable rage. I want to reach into the TV and strangle the ungrateful, superficial, smarmy little bastard.

They’re awful. “You can’t pass inspection with little white pieces left behind.” Wait, what? Are they saying that there are toilet papers that fragment like that, and that there are households wherein children are subjected to bum-wiping inspections and punished because of the sub-standard frag paper that their parents provided for them? That’s horrifying on many levels.

Any ad with Blur’s Song 2, usually used in conjunction with scenes depicting extreme sports of some sort. Most recently the song is used in a Michelob Ultra ad that features middle-aged men riding mountain bikes.

This. Yeah, and I’m gonna’ download a Robitussin app, too.

I agree with the Kit Kat and “Hey Soul Sister” posts.

Also, any ad for a luxury car that shows the car with a big red bow on it, implying that someone is giving it as a Christmas gift. The narrator in one of the commercials (BMW?) even says something condescending like “face it. Nobody ever asks for a smaller gift.” The narrator in another one (I think for Acura) talks about what a sensible gift the car makes. :rolleyes:

I hate the Fiber One commercial.

OK the lady offers Carl some cereal, she clearly calls it Fiber one. Then some foreign guys decides to make it his business by implying something implausable, that she’d like him.

Then Carl says it’s tastes to good to be fiber, ignoring the fact that she clearly said it was fiber. The for some odd reason the blonde girl that went to the trouble of sharing it somehow comes off as a bitch in this ad, when she didn’t do anything wrong.

I’ve mentioned this in another thread (because the stupid thing played LAST Christmas), but the Kay jeweler ad that shows a woman rocking a baby and the dad comes in, turns on the Christmas lights, and is all “it’s our first Christmas as a family! Here’s a necklace. Do you think the baby will remember this?”

First of all, SHUT UP AND TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. These things make sleepy babies wake up. I keep imagining this scenario where all that stimulation wakes the baby up and she starts to cry. Then the wife hands the kid over to the guy and says “well, since you were the one to wake her up, you can take her. I’m going back to bed.”

Second of all, I reject the idea that a “real” family has to include children, and that a childless couple is somehow not a family. (I guess it’s possible that the woman had the baby right away after they married and that this really IS their first Christmas as a family, kid or not, but I doubt it.) Not only do I think that a married couple’s first Christmas together counts as their first Christmas as a family, I also think that could be kind of an awesome Christmas. Just the two of them doing their own, possibly romantic thing, with no kids to worry about.

Third, no, the baby will not remember this Christmas. She can’t be older than two months. Are you stupid?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Forget that Toyota was recall city the last year or so, I won’t buy one of their vehicles because of this little bastard.

Hey, it’s the holiday season. Let’s take a few words from an 80’s new wave song and turn it into a Christmas Carol for Hershey’s chocolate. :rolleyes:

Some people talk about things that make them “feel all stabby”. I never quiet understood that feeling before seeing this commercial.