Worst corporate/product mascots

We haven’t seen that many good mascots forced upon us by corporate America.

So name some of the worst:

The Noid
The Arby’s oven mitt
The current Burger King
Whatsit? (from the Atlanta Olympics)
That guy from Di-Tech.com

The little toenail fungus monster
The phlegm clot (Mr. Mucus) from the Mucinex ads

I am not what anyone would call squeamish but that commercial really gives me the willies. It’s not the mascot but the raising up of the toenail that makes my skin crawl.

Herb, courtesy of Burger King.

The damn Taco Bell chihuahua.

Not really a mascot but the recent Burger King commercials for beef lovers were the worst. The live cow dining out with or in bed with the beef lover. Implying that as a beef lover I would like to date and have sex with the live animal before consuming its dead flesh was the most bizarre concept ever.

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Freakin’ mitt annoys me to no end. There’s no way anyone finds that thing funny.

On the other hand, I rather like the Burger King King.

Is the Arby’s oven mitt a ripoff of the Hamburger Helper oven mitt, or did he get a new job?

He got a demotion.

I hear a lot of people hated the Frito Bandito but that was a little before my time. I don’t remember him at all.


The Frito Bandito was around when I was a kid. He was very un-PC and wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance these days.

To add to the list, M$ Office’s “Clippy” the paper clip rubs me the wrong way, too.

The Frito Bandito was not particularly disliked until the hispanic community began to point out he was a racist stereotype.

Herb from Burger King is generally considered in advertising as the worst – he was hated and, more importantly, he didn’t sell hamburgers.

I’m surprised that nobody mentioned the Quizno duo. They went from the weird “We want the subs” animated characters to “Baby Bob” who creeps me out in so many ways. If you see this Jayjay, you know what will happen if you start with the song…

Have people already forgotten “Dude, you’re gonna get a Dell!”?

I have become quite weary of the AFLAC duck. I think it’s time to serve him with orange sauce.

Do professional sports mascots count since they’re corporate owned? If so, I’d like to nominate Alabama’s newest professional baseball team, The Montgomery Biscuits (probably the only professional sports mascot named after a carbohydrate). The truly great part: in the city that brought you Roy Moore and Gerald Allen (they’re not from there but they “did their stuff” there as state officials), the mascot of the baseball team is Big Mo. (For those not in the know, Mo is slang in some circles for hoMOsexyul, and this one has a buttery tongue and wants to be eaten.)

We love the suuuuuubs…

They have a peppah bah!

“Can you hear me now?”

Charlie the Tuna. He wanted to caught gutted and eaten. Sick.

Actually, Charlie was under the delusion that Star*Kist was looking for tunas with good taste, rather than tunas that taste good. He thought he was auditioning for a 70s version of Queery Fish for the Straight Dish…