Alaskan King Crab Legs - IMPOSSIBLY Easy & Awesome Recipe

Anyone catch the Good Eats show on crab? Beleive it or not, the best way to steam crab legs is . . . in the microwave! Hard to believe but true! I’ve tried this twice with outstanding results. It tastes as good as at a fancy seafood restaurant (assuming you are using fresh crab legs).

When I made mine, the grocery store had COLOSSAL king crab legs, which I had never seen before, but resulted in the biggest mouthful of succulent crab that I’ve ever had, it was great. This is a fool-proof, easy, impossible to mess up recipe! I love it! Enjoy!

King Crab Recipe

Nothing better. Accompanied by microwaved corn on the cob, it’s a winner.

The Iron Chefs have nothing on Alton when it comes to cooking threads. I’ve also used this recipe with great results.