Albert Salmi's Death

When this fine character actor first shot his wife, then turned the gun on himself back in the late-80s, iirc, it was announced as a simple murder/suicide. After reading the synopsis of a bio of him, it seems that it is now being listed as a “mercy killing” of his terminally ill wife, then his own suicide.

I am in no way asking for a debate on the topic of “mercy killing” vs. cold-blooded murder, I simply wish to know if any Dopers have more info on the circumstances of his and his wife’s death than what I could glean from the net.


Sir Rhosis

There’s a biography out about him; the author also wrote one about “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” star Peggy Ann Garner, who was married at one time to Salmi


Reading a review of that book elsewhere is what tipped me off that it was more than just a simple murder.

Thanks, I may spring for it, or ask the library to get a copy.

Sir Rhosis