Alberta/Western Canada Dopefest?

Some of you know this, some of you don’t - although I live in Winnipeg, I am currently working just outside of Calgary. I’ll be here until the fall (I think.)

How feasible is an Alberta (or better yet, Western Canada) Dopefest at some point this summer? The Yanks seem to get together at the drop of a hat; it seems to me we can do the same thing here.

All I ask is that there’s beer and food involved.

Any takers?

Come hang out at my place! Mountains, beer, and food provided.
Everyone else, bring chairs.

I’d love to come but I live in Kansas. However, a local citizen from Topeka is planning on being in Calgary in August, maybe you can schedule an event with him in mind(bwahahahahahaha!) Tell you what, if he DOES show up(the group has been bailing out on events recently that they SWEAR they will be at) let me know and I’ll send some beer money or something. Check it out:

The letter I wrote about Phred to the editor of our Topeka newspaper never appeared, guess I was being too provocative.

Try this thread:

July Dopefest, Edmonton Area - You comin?

I’ll be in Winnipeg on Friday night with Runadoc and Poysyn. I guess anyone is welcome to come join us.

You’ll have to contact one of them to find out where we’ll be. Us Texans don’t know a hell of a lot about things up north, even in the US.


Alberta’s a bit of a hike from Winnipeg - about 13 hours of driving at 100kph/60mph.

If I could possibly have made it, though, I would have.