Calgary, Alberta, Canada, North America, Planet Earth—Dopefest Info

Well i’ve started the thread, now lets fill it with the official:
When: November 4th?

Who: dcnewsman, GingeroftheNorth, mmmiiikkkeee
Anyone else?

Where: The hyatt? not quite sure

Any other pertinant info? Add it all here! :slight_smile:

Add myself under the who section, 90% chance for right now, i’ll know for sure by this saturdayish.

Damn you Canadians and your thieving nom de plumes
Cowtown is Kansas City. You’ve now made me get my hopes up for nothing and wasted 30 seconds of my life on a link that has nothing to do with me. I should have known better anyway. KC Dopefest. Shaaa. And Cecils will fly out of my butt.

I think not!! Cowtown is Calgary, always has been, always will be. The name goes back to the time of people wearing onions on their belts!!

I never heard of a Stampede in Kansas City…

[sub]Actually i have no idea how the name started…or who had it first, but it was us[/sub]

I thought Cowtown was Fort Worth, Texas?

Alright then, obviously i picked a freaking stupid thread title for this thread, under the assumption that Calgary was the one and only “Cowtown”.

Well i have been proven wrong, there are quite obviously many “Cowtowns” around.

So, because of this, for all intensive purposes, i must make this painfully clear:
I am stupid

oh and another thing,

The reference to cowtown in this thread was intended to mean Calgary, Alberta, Canada, North America, Earth(third planet from the sun in our solar system).

“There’s a lot to be said for clairity”
-Clairica commercial.

…ain’t that the truth…

Perhaps a Mod could change the thread tiltle to something a little bit more clear?

A quick Google search revealed a Cowtown in New Jersey, too.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Columbus, Ohio is called “Cowtown,” too.

If you wanna see a bunch of other places people think of as cowtown, check here.

See, there’s the problem. People are thinking. If they stoped thinking and started knowing that Calgary is Cowtown, then there wouldn’t even be this problem!!
I don’t even really like the name, so i don’t know why i keep on posting in it’s defense…

Anyways, it seems this thread is going the way of the one in thinksnows’ link.


Well, since November 5th is my birthday, that obligates all of you to come to GP and have the dopefest here.

So there.

I’m already there, baybee.
bernse, haul your northern ass down here. To the real cowtown.
I am not having a mini-Dopefest at the regency. Period.

How bout a time on the 4th - I have a brunch thing planned, but after that I could make it.


I arrive in Calgary on the afternoon of the 3rd and I don’t have any plans until my conference starts Monday morning, so any time on Sunday works for me. By the way, I’m staying at the Hyatt Regency downtown. If someone wants to meet me there, great. Otherwise, I’ll need very good directions. Does Calgary have a subway system?

[sup]Calgary Transit Etc.[/sup]

Although if you want to see any of the good Alberta sports teams, you have to go 300 km north to Edmonton.

C’mon guys…just Wump, Ginger, mmmiiikkkeee, and me? Surely there have to be more Calgary Dopers than that. Anyone have suggestions on restaurants?

Well, I tend to do more reading than I do posting. Is there a minimum post count to attend?

What’s worse, I’ve never felt the urge to debate greatly, nor be flamed in a pit. I just havn’t lived like others here have.

Re: restaurants. “Something central,” he says helpfully.


Hi new guy! Yay! Another CalDoper!

I want a big ol’ buffet brunch. Suggest away.

No, no post count required. And we won’t start a pit flame about you, unless you DON’T show up.

Well, I might. You know what a vindictive bitch I am.

Bump for Wump.