Southern Alberta Dope Fest! Next Sunday! We hope!

Inspired by this thread in which Le Ministre de l’au-delà mentions that he will be in Calgary next Sunday (October 24th) from around noon until eight pm. Dread Pirate Jimbo and I are in dance class from 1-2:30 pm, but we are available for say, an early dinner after that. Hell, after latin dance class, I will not only be available for but demanding an early dinner. :slight_smile:

So, who’s ready, willing, and able to come out next Sunday?

Well I’ve pretty much been blackmailed into going by Le Ministre de L’au-dela.

I know - the nerve!

Speaking of the blackmailing, I think I forgot to thank the Ministre for brunch. Thanks, Ministre. :slight_smile:

My pleasure! It was great meeting you, and I’m looking forward to seeing some of the Calgary folks on Sunday!

Hmmm… Sunday around 2:30. Doable, though I hope it doesn’t go too late, as I’ll have a two hour drive ahead of me to go home. I really ought to get up to Calgary anyway, as I need to hit Ikea. I could do that before meeting everybody though.

Any ideas as to the where?

I’m good to meet. Being the newbie I’ll defer to where and when. I can get to any location pretty easily so I’m, um, easy.

Where are you thinking?

Hmm 2:30… depends on what is happening that day. I’ll see if I can squeeze it in though. :wink:

Yes, where were you thinking of chowing down?

We were tossing the idea of Ricky’s in the North Hill mall around - it’s central, good parking, good access to trains and Deerfoot Trail, never busy, and quiet (the last place we chose was really loud, and it was hard to talk). How does 4:30 sound to people, so those who have to travel can hit the highway?

Sadly Junior is still at that age that:

a) I have to take him with me everywhere;
b) The childfree in the group would find him unpleasant (i.e. the ‘Crying Baby’ age). Well, actually even those with children probably find that age rather unpleasant.

So I will have to take a pass. Have fun though!

Ricky’s works for me. And my kids will be soooo jealous. I mean, it’s no Breadsticks, but they just loved that place when we needed a place to eat when the gas main blew across the street. Good times, good times.

Unless I’ve forgotten something (which is entirely possible – I am getting old, after all), I believe this will be the 5th consecutive Calgary Dopefest over the last several years that I’ll be at, but that **alice_in_wonderland **has been unavailable to attend. Therefore, I would like to suggest, in her honour, that we name Sunday’s event “Alice Can’t Make This Dopefest: 5” and all subsequent Calgary Dopefests carry on the sequel naming until she is able to attend one. :wink:

She should just drop Junior at the little play area in North Hill Mall. What could possibly go wrong?

There you go - as young as he is, he’d just lie there where she left him, anyway.

Sounds good–as I recall, the mall is on 16th Ave N, which gives access to Deerfoot.

Meeting at 4:30 is good–that will give me time to get a few errands and whatnot done first. But an earlier time is fine too. Not sure if a later time would be.

Whew… almost missed the thread… Thanks for the PM Cat Whisperer

So here’s a question for y’all, and by all means please be honest: **truesquirt ***luurves *him some go-ghetti & garlick bread at Ricky’s. He’s an 8yr old boy, and we could plug him into his auxiliary brain support, (aka portable DVD player) to extend the patience range. Alternately, I have a goodaughter who is likely sufficiently broke & fashion conscious to want to earn a few bucks babysitting.

So then, would you feel constrained in your conversation if we brought him?

Note that I haven’t run this by the higher authority, namely, Serious Lark, who may have a different take, nor cleared this with goddaughter’s busy social & soccer calendar. That being said, please tell me how you feel, and we will do our best.

It’s not you, it’s me.

I’m fine with having kids there, even if they’re at the ‘crying baby’ stage. I’ve brought **les mini-ministres ** to meet some of the Toronto Dopers, and they all seemed to survive the experience.

The question is - do you want to risk exposing your kids to the toxic bad influence that is me? They may come away having learned new and interesting ways to make rude noises, as but one example.

That’s really not a nice way to describe opera! :stuck_out_tongue:

Says the guy who plays the bagpipes. :smiley: