Edmonton Dopers

I’m new to the city and don’t know anybody. Anyone want to get together for coffee? I don’t know the city well but I’m good with the LRT.

Can’t help ya, sorry. If you want to swing down a couple of hours south, however…:slight_smile:

Oh sure, then I can get lost in two cities!

Far as I can tell, there’s only one of us in Edmonton on a regular basis, and I haven’t noticed a post from him or her in a long time.

I’ll send you a PM or something when I get there in a week - depends on my rehearsal schedule.

I’m also hoping the time gods will allow me to get down to Calgary at some point; I need to do some schmooze, visit some family and if I’m lucky, maybe go for a pint or three with some of the Calgary dopers. Cat Whisperer and I can go “Pbthbthbth” at each other face to face for a change. :smiley: You’re welcome to come along if it works with your schedule, FloatyGimpy!


We’ll have to encourage the Lethbridge contingent come up for that, too. :slight_smile: AlbertaDopefest!

You know, the privilege of watching you and Le Ministre going “Pbthbthbth” at each other in person might be worth the trip. :slight_smile:

If I’m able to, I think I’ll take you up on that!

If I’m able to, I’d attend.

Past Edmonton threads reveal lots of possible residents:

Thank you so much.

*Makes needscoffee nanaimo bars.

I’m here - hoping we can go for coffee or something.

I’m in Calgary myself but the POF contingent that goes to meets is pretty friendly. I know many of them through my bf who lives up there (POF is not just for getting dates :p). Every Wednesday is pub night at the Ship and Anchor iirc.

PM sent!

And maybe he can do it at high-C. Istr the **Ministre **sings opera…

Any chance of you swinging down to cowtown, Ministre?

**Spoons **& Cat Whisperer, it’s been a while. Hope y’all are well. My regards to the dread pirate Jimbo

We’re actually going to Edmonton on Friday, October 15 for a Sheena Easton concert - anybody interested in trying to get together then?

Holy crap! She’s still around?? SHe was one of the first 10 cassettes I bought for my brand new Walkman when I was 14.

Off to look at her wikipedia page…


The one catch - I will not know my schedule for Oct. 15th until 5PM Oct. 14th. Still, there’s got to be a way to get together…

Le Ministre, how long will you be in Alberta? I’m thinking that, regardless of city, there must be a way to pull a Dopefest together somehow. (Although Edmonton would be a little difficult for me, owing to distance.)

Count me in.

Okay, I looked at our concert tickets and talked to my husband (the aforementioned Dread Pirate Jimbo, who is doing fine), and we decided that a Saturday lunch date would work really well for us - how does that work for all y’all?