Twin Cities Dopefest, anyone?

Ok, I’ve been patient, I really have. Been here on the 'Dope over a year now. I notice a lot of posters from the area, and some are pretty interesting. It seems like it’s been a while since the last one, and we all know that the weather is going to get ugly–sooner rather than later.

C’mon folks, let’s try to get together. If I get really drunk, and you’re really lucky, maybe I’ll even swap some hotdish recipes.

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Big sigh…

I’d definitely be interested if it’s done on a weekend. (It’s about a three-hour drive to the Twin Cities for us. Kind of hard to just pop over for lunch.)

Ok, September 28th or 29th- or October 19th or 20th, which is an MEA weekend. Both of those work for me.

Any suggestions, Val?

Oddly enough, we’ll probably be in the Twin Cities both of those weekends. We’re coming up for the Renaissance Festival on Sept. 29 and are planning another trip in October which will likely be the week of the 20th since we have other stuff going on the 6th and the 13th.

I volunteer working in a booth for the Renaissance Festival as a fundraiser for school. I can try to get you tickets, gratis.

Thanks so much for the offer but I’ve actually already got free tickets. I won them through a local radio station.

I’d be interested if it’s on a weekend too. I’m subscribing to here so I don’t miss any more details. Where is everyone else? I know there are more than a few of us on here!

Between 2:15am and 1:55pm (board time) you’re disappointed that there are no responses yet? Please be a little patient. Some of us get up later. It’s 12:38pm for me and I’m just having my morning Cherry Coke and reading my e-mail.

I’d be interested, but my schedule is a bit wonky. My days off are Thursday and Friday and I work second shift. I have a D&D session scheduled on the 28th, so that’s right out.

I’m in - but -
Work the 28th, kid is going to homecoming game (Go Hawks!). 29th going to the raptor release at Baker Park Reserve in the morning, then the evening is pretty much free - kid has a party that evening.

October is too far ahead :smiley:

Suggestions on stuff to do? Places to go?

Brainiac4 and I might be in - neither of the proposed weekends though (29th is my birthday, we will be at DisneyWorld over MEA) - and if we manage something vaguely kid friendly you’d have a better shot of getting both of us - with those caveats, don’t plan around us since the chances of us not getting hit with something else that needs to be done (work, kids birthday parties, visits with grandma) wrangling kids and showing up isn’t terribly high.

Several years ago a bunch of us did lunch at Famous Dave’s in Uptown on a Saturday - that seemed to work pretty well.

Thanks, **McUne **for pointing me in the direction of this thread!

Saturdays are better than Fridays for me, and I think Sept. 29th is out. I’ll have to check the calendar for Oct. 20. I like the idea of lunch at Famous Dave’s. It’s way too busy at the one in Uptown for dinner, but lunch would be great! I’d love to meet some other Dopers in this area.

Sundays are ok, too. Sept 30, Oct 14, 21.

We won’t be able to fit everyones schedule, but we’ll try.

October 20th would be better for me. I’m running the Twin Cities Marathon on October 7th and that’s sucking up all my free time. (Well, LOTRO really is, but marathon training is a socially acceptable excuse.)

The other half of the NoFair household chimes in to say that Oct 20 would work well for harself too. lno is running the marathon on the 7th, and I was hoping to dust off my show dog on the weekend of the 13/14th (she hasn’t been in the ring in over a year and a half) and take her out to have some fun.

T’would be nice to have another Dopelunch or dinner! It’s been forever. Come on, old timers, come on out! Let’s show the younguns how it’s done! … or… something.

October 20th seems to be working for most people.

So, venue? I’ve heard Famous Dave’s mentioned. Buca’s isn’t a bad choice, either. Let me look up stuff to do that weekend, see what’s going on. Any and all suggestions for venue and activities are welcome.

I can help, but I don’t necessarily want to be the organizer.

Another good spot is Maggiano’s @ Southdale – served family style, food keeps a-comin’ until you can’t eat anymore, flat rate per person. Lots of fun.


As for things to do, there’s always lots - also check into what’s up at the Lagoon (sometimes there are some pretty nifty things – Black Sheep, this summer, was hilarious and odd, and totally would have been doperiffic), or the Science Museum, the Zoo, or wherever else…

I’m afraid I will be a little too low on time to organize, but I can certainly help if someone is willing to co-chair, so to speak. :slight_smile:

Just here to note that I’m interested, and watching the developments.

I’ve always wanted to have a Doper lunch at Cecil’s Cafe in St. Paul. (I’ve never eaten there, so I don’t know if it’s any good.)

What she said.

Spider Woman and I could do the 20th.

We’ll see what develops.

Its good, but…

We might have best luck with the “late lunch in a spot that can turn into drinks for those that wish” That would enable Brainiac4 and I (and anyone else who need to tote kids) to introduce you to our lovely children and bolt, and would allow the potential drinkers (I’ve never been to a drunken Dopefest, although I hear all the hip towns have them) to continue to hang.

There is the St. Paul Buca on this end of town as well.