Kansas City Dopefest IV - Creepin' Up

Well, now, it’s been over a year since our last KCDope, but since the statute of limitations has passed for most of the, er… activities (better keep on hiding, Hey you!), I thought it’d be nice for another round. Maybe end of July, early August? Sure, it’ll be hot, but summer’s usually the best time to catch people with enough vacation time to make it.

'Cause who doesn’t wanna travel to KC for our festivities? (Also, forecasts of skinny-dipping increase during the summah. Which is simply a sober observation.)

What say you all?

Is it more or less useful if we respond in all seven different places? Anyway, I’m in.

I’m sure it will drive you crazy trying to keep up with here, the Unaboard and the Magic Board, so I’d just pick one and stick with it. You’re welcome to drop in on any of 'em, though.

I’m good if we do it before the end of July. 'Cause then it’ll have to be Oregondope, and that’s a bit of a drive, ya know?

How much before the end of July? Unfortunately, auntie em and I won’t be able to make the weekend of the 21st through the 23rd, so how about the last weekend?

We drive out on the 30th, so the 24-25th should work.

Hmm… well, I’m not sure week nights are good; weekends tend to be easier for people to get away. I originally ruled out the 14th through the 16th, but maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea. How does that work for everyone?

Heh. I looked at June. :smack: I was all like “duh, Skip, the 24th and 25th are a weekend… oh.”

Any weekend in July works for me. Hey, you can all come to my house and help me pack!!


Look at that, you made Cajun Man sick! That’s what you get for trying to get us to help you pack. I blame you, FilmGeek, if he worsens. :wink:

I can make it if it’s not…
1st weekend of July (Milwaukee)
1st & 2nd weekend of August (Key West)

Also, let me know if advance… I apparently need several weeks’ recuperation time after I give blood and would hate to be zombie-faced in front of all the other Dopers. :slight_smile:

Hey, at least they took your blood. Mine was rejected 'cause I’m too manly and stuff. (Or I had too much iron floating about. But that’s manly, right?)

Let’s see: it won’t be the first weekend of July (too soon), and the last two weekends are right out for a number of us, so it’s looking like the second weekend of July. Does that work for everyone?

So, it looks like (so far):

auntie em
Hey you!

Mr. FilmGeek (whose on-line name I can’t recall)
Fierra - possibly making a delightful appearance

The 8th is the only weekend date in July that I’m not available.

Hmm… let me clarify what I said about the second weekend. I should have said second full weekend (if we’re counting Friday as part of the weekend–and I do), so it looks like July 14th through the 16th is a good weekend for the majority of us.

Any objections, anyone? Go ahead with the 14th through the 16th?

14-15-16. Roger.

Roger roger. And don’t call me Shirley.

So, what would everyone want to do? Last time we ate at the Plaza for a brunch on Saturday, went to the Nelson that afternoon, and ate at a bar and grill joint in the City Market that night. On Sunday we had a cookout at Shawnee Mission Park.

Me, I’m up for the cookout again on Sunday because it’s a pleasant and easy way to end the weekend; however, if someone else has a good suggestion, I’m happy to chuck the cookout idea.

If you want, here are some ideas for what we can do in the area.


Hey, bowling sounds like fun.