KC Dopefest '03 wrapup: tastes great, less Bush

So that’s it folks. KC Dopefest is done with for this year. Maybe. We could have another. The world is a mysterious place.
This was by far the biggest of the four dopefests we’ve had in this state. Attending were, in no particular order (the fact that it’s alphabetical is just a huge coincidence):

auntie em
Gary T
Mirror Image egamI rorriM

If I forgot you, that’s because I secretly loathe you and your breath smelled. But brush your teeth and then tell me and I shall flog myself fifteen and a half times with a wet noodle.

As is the case with every single social engagement throughout my lifetime, I was an hour late in attending the shindig this afternoon. An hour and 25 minutes to be exact. Just enough time to miss having to pay for the brunch but smack dab on time to eat the scrumdiliumpcious treats everyone brought. I mean, every single treat.
Cookies and brownies and cakes and baklava was my lunch today. Don’t worry, I swam it all off in the fountain. Doing laps in 2 feet of water really burns the calories.

We also got to watch an anti-Bush protest. Apparently they were supporting a particular candidate but I think it was just an excuse for some of them to make up t-shirts that say “Buck Fush” and inventing conspiracy theories so convoluted that Oliver Stone dropped by to smack some sense into them.

So, with music and volleyball and dogs and sock puppets and ball smacking and food enough for the Swiss Army, we had fun. I think. I had fun. I think.

What do you think?

You missed Mrs. Gary T. And Sue, whose board-name I’ve forgotten at the moment.

I certainly had a good time. :^)

Sue is Ouisey. Mrs. Gary T is Karen.

I had fun, certainly. “Drunken frat boy drives country into ditch.” How could you not love it?

I just wish my stomach was bigger so I could have eaten more food.

The fountain was probably the biggest hit of the day. My van said it was between 100-104 degrees all the way home. Our favorite busty, long-legged weather girl is hereby fired.

The treats were dee-lish as expected, although after I drove Baker back to the garage I dutifully dumped her cooler onto the floor, spilling her take-home share. Sorry 'bout that, but the rats should eat good tonight, huh?

I believe misstee invited us all up to her place for a nightcap in some high falutin’ puddle known as a jacuzzi. Sans underwear of course. I mean, of coarse. Unless, of coarse, that Horse is me.

And it is.

Okay, gang … I have photos online! I still have to reduce them to a reasonable size for those on dialup, and put them into some sort of album. Anyhow, they’re at http://www.cyburbia.org/sdmb .

Oh yeah, a village is missing its idiot. No, not Dubya … this guy.

BTW, if someone is creating a page to commemorate the Dopefest, they’re more than welcome to use my photos.

[ulrl=“http://www.cyburbia.org/sdmb/DSC01422.JPG”]Fear the Sockpuppet!

elmwood, I’m writing you an email about the Buffalo high school thing. Were you sure about those dates for your dad?

I’ll call home tomorrow, and confirm the dates.


Wow, lookit all the pretty pictures!

And my beautiful SDMB sign.


I missed my first chance to do a Dopefest! I would have liked to have met my fellow local dopers – ah well, maybe next year.

I checked out the pictures, and I have to ask…did this guy with the beard actually have breasts or is it an optical illusion?

I’m at work right now, but when I get a chance, I’ll crop the pictures that both Ender and I took (separate cameras, shared memory card–so stop with whatever else you’re thinking!) and post them on-line.

It’s good to know that once auntie em and I headed away from the rest of yous all, you flirted with the idea of tramping around in misstee’s jacuzzi. That’s gotta be a big jacuzzi, misstee. I wonder if it’s anywhere near as large as em’s coochie–oh. I see.

Not the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was fun seeing everyone from the last KC Dopefest gig; and it was a blast meeting all the scum who didn’t come to the last one. :slight_smile: (Yes, Hey you!, you’re pretty much a non-Dopefestin’ scum until you show up for one of these parties. )

Mad props go to ouisey for setting aside our computer related, archenemy differences and sparing my life long enough so I could enjoy the buffet. And the statue of the merman molesting that poor horse. I’m not sure I would have died happy in life without seeing that…

As for Horseflesh’s somewhat dour view of my weather predictin’ capabilities: say what you want, but I sure didn’t hear anyone complain about me showing off my gorgeous legs. Awe, I tell you–everyone was in awe.

Wth. I didn’t make it on Enderw24’s list. I must be a very forgettable person:(

I’m sorry I had to leave early and miss the demonstration! It was really great to meet all of you though.

When you put them into an album, will you be able to label them or provide a caption? I’m curious as to who is who …

I’m the gorgeous blond (leggy) weather girl. I thought we’ve been over this. :slight_smile:

Y’know, I think I’d remember being over a leggy blonde weathergirl. :smiley:


Okay, my pictures are up! (Oh, and if you send your pictures to OpalCat with the name and info of the Dopefest, she’ll put them on-line at her site, too!)

You can see the photos at this lil ol’ place. If you click on the albums, you’ll get all the images in that album; if you click on each individual image, you should get a pop-up screen with a larger image of that same photo.

Plus, thanks to the magic of Corel’s Photo-Paint 11, everyone is now naked. Enjoy!

I told you, it’s not that you were forgetable. I secretely loathe you and your breath smelled. It’s not that hard of a concept to figure out!

Actually, you were just so stunningly beautiful, half my mind said there was no possible way she’s really here at this dopefest. Thus, when I went to make the list up, my subconcious took over and erased you. Because of your hotness. That’s the truth and the answer I’ll stick with. Ayup.

One shudders at what the other half of your mind was saying at the time. :smiley:

BTW, great tagline for our wrapup thread.

And to all those pretenders who said they were going to be there and didn’t come: Cecil Adams himself showed up! No kidding. He blessed each one of us and handed everyone a crisp $100 bill. Then he folded his arms, nodded his head, and poof! he was gone in a flash of light. Cool way to travel. Too bad you guys missed it.

I only got a twenty from Cecil. Waz up wit dat?