LA Dopers-- thank you!

Wow, are me and KK the first ones home?

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the Dopers who made it to the 'fest tonight. We had a great time!

Can’t wait to see the pics! :smiley:

Hi Audrey! I’m home too! It was nice meeting you, but I’m sorry we didn’t get to really discuss the “plummet” thing! :wink:

Say, it’s a good thing I didn’t just slam back that ouzo. It was $9.30 for that one glass! :eek:

I guess Audrey wins the prize. :smiley:

Hilights of the evening… well, I spent most of the evening chatting with Arnold Winkelreid (he and I also arm-wrestled… I, the Great and Malignant SPOOFE, won), Esprix, and Ashtar. All of them are very fun… Ashtar’s very quiet, but he’s a nice bloke, polite and kind, and a pleasure to be around. Johnny L.A. and I traded some words, and there was general joking all-around.

We didn’t get to go bowling, though… the bowling alley didn’t let you reserve lanes ahead of time, and it was at least an hour’s wait before we could get a free lane… so that was scrapped.

I’ve managed to scrape together a whole bunch of pictures and a couple of video clips, so I’ll be uploading those to my webpage within the next day or two. Arnold and Ashtar also got a heckuva lot of pics, so hopefully they can scan those in, post-haste!

All-around, it was a great time (and, speaking for myself, I REALLY REALLY needed this chance to unwind, trust me!). A lot of people didn’t make it, and we missed them (the weather was too bad, I’m assuming), but if this was any indication of how things will be this summer… I think the upcoming No-Cal/So-Cal Dopefest will top all the others which came before it!

Oh, I can’t believe I forgot this… I started thinking about the layout I was gonna use on the “L.A. Dopefest - Studio City Version” page and it slipped my mind.

I wanna throw out a HUGE MASSIVE ENORMOUS thanky you to Shayna, for being gracious enough to provide my brother and I with transportation to and from the 'Fest. That was a very kind thing you did for us. She had to endure the two of us for a whole hour (half-hour there, half-hour back), all by herself. I enjoyed your company, Shayna. 'Twas fun. :slight_smile:

First, Shayna - Thank you.

Second, thanks to all those who attended.

Third, I’d like to thank Mercutio, while he didn’t attend, he did help me a lot in setting this thing up, and my gratitude goes out to him.

Well, now about some of the fest. This was the attendee list:

Arnold Winkelried
SPOOFE Bo Diddly
Cowboy Greg
Johnny L.A.
Shayna’s sister (Not a member of the boards)

It was a good turnout for bad weather. For those who didn’t make it, you must die now. I got pictures of some really good moments, like when Shayna was trying to hide from the camera, Johnny’s tomato smily face (ChiefScott will love that!), and Esprix saying something about burns…

So again, I thank you all for attending and helping to make this a rather successful fest.

because I checked, and yes, it turns out I was just too cool after all!


(Stoid hates rain. Pump Action Gerbil was sick, too, and I was afraid to go alone, you guys might take the opportunity to hurt me, actually, here’s the truth: buddy o’ mine has all the nominated movies on tape and he gave me a big ol’ stack of em that I have to work my way through quickly. You guys lost out to my Oscar obsession.)

I write this with the extraordinarily arrogant assumption than anyone cares.

Hope you all had a swell time.

Is that North/South Summer Madness thing still being actively planned? Who is going to that? My best friend lives in San Luis Obispo, I can kill two birds with one stone.

I’m so pissed off.
I really really really wanted to go.
But whenever life get’s bored it decides to pick on me.
As it turns out my ride to Studio city and my ride back home backed out on me.
So, I was left to sulk in me room while eating some greasy fast food all while wondering the great fun I missed.
I tried to contact you guys! I called Jerry’s at 8:30 and paged Cecil Adams, but apperantly, no one heard it.


Me and Pat have made a pact that me and him will ride together to the No/So CA Dopefest, so expect me there. If Pat wimps out again, I will be the one covered in dust with a tattered “Upstate or Bust” cardboard sign.

I’m surprised more people haven’t posted yet!

After the dopefest–I stayed in the arcade and played for awhile before heading home and sleeping for about 12 hours. But I had a great time!

To all the guys: I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you–and each of you were absolute gentlemen. Except Johnny. Johnny was just weird. Very very weird. But he was mega-doubleplus cool that way. :slight_smile: Esprix was weird, too. But he was weird/cute. Johnny is just weird/weird. Not to be confused with funny/weird. SPOOFE was funny/weird. Arnold’s shirt was funny/weird.

What the hell was I talking about again? Ah!

To all the ladies: I’d especially like to thank Shayna for helping me get into the spirit of things. My social skills aren’t all that hot and it takes me awhile to warm up. :smiley: I hope your younger sister will come to the boards one day.

I hope you all arrive home safely. And to the people who couldn’t attend–we did notice and did wait around for awhile hoping you’d show up. So don’t go thinking we didn’t miss ya!


I got a picture of our Waiter. Did anyone catch his name?

Did it start with an M? Mark? I dunno for sure…

I think the waiter’s name was Jeff.

[Peter Lorre voice]
I like weird. Weird is my favourite thing!
[/Peter Lorre voice]

“Weird/weird”? I dunno. I think I’m more “wacky/weird”. :wink:

Ashtar has a cool look. He would be a good character in a film. Esprix was fabulous. Melin once again extracted the promise that we’ll get together again before I get out of California. (Relocation is happening with glacial slowness. ugh) I don’t know which I liked better: Arnold’s gold shirt, or the hemp suit he wore to the first Dopefest I attended. Shayna’s sister Ann is a cutie. So’s Shayna, for that matter. Must run in the family.

I would have liked to have driven the Willys to the fest. It it doesn’t have a top yet though. I have Gore-Tex, but I’ve seen how those old Jeeps can collect rust. Traffic was slow enough for me to drive it. (It has a cruising speed of about 45mph.)

Good golly, I just got home - what a fun fest!

First of all, I am perturbed no one mentioned the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous shirt I made for the occassion. (It was, wasn’t it?) Of course, it was outdone by the buttons baglady made, but still… :wink:

Couple things:

monster104 and KKBattousai, I know I teased you mercilessly, but you know I kid because I love. (Although, AudreyK, the offer for a trip to Vegas still stands!) SPOOFE, you’re weird - weird weird weird. But not as weird as Arnold or Johnny and his french fry pirate ship. Shayna, you might be a bitch in the Pit, but in person, yer a helluva gal. :smiley: (And Ann is quite nice, too.) Cowboy Greg, how about that thing with the chickens and the rubber gloves and those three malted milkshakes - think we’ll ever get the manager off the roof? :smiley: (Remember, it’s our job… :wink: ) Ashtar, your quietness scares me, but in a good way… :wink: It was certainly a pleasure to meet Melin (although we only spoke briefly) and Rick. Anamorphic was cool, too, even though I talked to him not very much, too. Phouka, dear, the next time I get up early on a Sunday morning ([Mrs. Crabapple voice]HA![/Mrs. Crabapple voice]) I’ll inquire about CUUPS for ya. (OK, now who am I forgetting? Which one of you was Wrenchr?)

So, yeah, t’was fun, and y’all were only the second group of Dopers to ever meet the Gay Guy (hedra, in Philly, being the first, and the rest of those hooligans missed out because they decided to have a Philly Dopefest after I moved west - sheesh!).

Now, on to the No/SoCal Dopefest in June! And a San Diego Dopefest once waterj moves out here!


Esprix inquires:

I dunno… that was quick setting epoxy we used. Not to mention the feather boas and the Pippi Longstocking Action Figures. The poor guy just might require therapy… :smiley:

But seriously, it was great fun to meet those of you whose acquaintance I’d not made previously… Esprix, of course, as the other gay guy (and his faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous T-shirt!) and Spoofe (who’s quite a nice guy. In his own bizzare, off-kilter way.) And, of course, it was great fun to see all of you who I’ve met previously.

I dunno, I may just have to go to the No Cal/So Cal do. Although I shudder to think what might happen if me, Esprix, and Doobieous are in the same room together… :wink:

If the three of you are in the room together, TAKE PICTURES! Especially when the orgy breaks out. :wink:

Oh, Falcon, one could only hope. :smiley:


I thought the shirt was awesome. But the logo in back was a little too small. I had to squint my sun-deprived, beady little eyes to read it! :slight_smile:


(I may have looked quiet–but according to Shayna, I was really just ‘observing the tribe’, like an anthropology student.)

-doh-! I gotta start hitting ‘preview’ more often. My last post has been Emboldened!

I did snap a few pictures while we were 'festing. I mean-- -besides- the one where I was accidentally holding it backwards. :smiley: (There’s a story you can tell yer kids. So much for ‘fighting’ ignorance.)

But it might be awhile before I can scan them in and send them wherever for ya’ll to see. The roll isn’t finished yet, and I don’t really have anything to take pictures of down here in my lonely little house. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyone want to model for me while I finish the roll? :wink: I don’t want to just waste the exposures.


Well, Damn! :mad: I missed a DopeFest? Where the Heck have I been…

Oh and NorCal/SoCal is in June now? I thought it was in July…Damnit! I may have to miss that one too…

::dogsbody runns off pouting::

Sounds like you guys had plenty of fun. I wish I had been able to make it. I will definitley be at the next one, and I will make sure Mercutio is there as well. (Ok, I can never say definitley. But, I hopes so.)

Dogsbody, the NoCal/SoCal fest is still planned for July 24th. In the next month, scouting will take place for the best eateries and bars to visit during our time there.


Well, I finally shook off that food induced stupor. Between the super rueben and the “not quite as orgasmic as The Cheesecake Factory’s Snickers cheesecake, but still damn good Snickers cake,” I was left pretty much monosyllabic the rest of the weekend (going to the LA Xtreme game in the freezing rain didn’t help any either), limited mostly to three letter words starting with ‘g’ and ending in ‘h.’ Not exactly the best mindset to be posting in… :rolleyes:

Anyway, I just wanted to say it was great to meet all of you and I can’t wait for the pictures - even the scary ones coughJohnny LAcough - to show on the people pages (and, in the case of the Shayna pics, on Monster104’s soon-to-be-created Geocities page). :slight_smile:

Sounds like y’all had a great time. Wish I hadn’t wimped out because of the rain.

I have some ideas for the next, local gathering, but I need to do a bit of investigating to see which one is most feasible. I’ll keep y’all posted.

You went to the Xtreme game, KKB? You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din! Did you get home by canoe or motor boat?