LA Dopefest pictures are up!

Well, some of 'em (that is, the ones I took) are. Here’s the site:

Any questions, comments, marriage proposals, or death threats can be sent to me.

And I apologize if I screwed up someone’s name! I double-checked the Boards and triple-checked the page itself, but if a typos slipped through… please, be lenient! It’s almost 3:00 AM!

I’m waiting for Arnold and Ashtar to get their pics developed and sent to me (I hope you’ve got a scanner, Arnold!). Anyway, go to the site and see how much fun YOU MISSED OUT ON!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

::ahem:: I think I should get to bed… soon.


Looks like you all had a great time! < sigh > It’s been too long since I have been to a Dopefest…

Anyhow, my SPOOFELY is as cute as ever and definately will keep the torch I have for him. :wink:

As for Shayna…Ah my friend, why don’t you want your beautiful face being shown? My dear you are beautiful, we’ve all seen your SDMB People Pages picture and you are a beautiful person. I guess I don’t understand.

Well, I can’t wait to see more pictures. Oh and Arnold, if I wasn’t having an affair with SPOOFE then you’d be next on my list, mod or no. :wink:

Well I can see my name is dropping down the list pretty quickly. :wink:

I’m not really crazy, you know… not really. Ahahahahahahaha!

Good job on the pix! I’d type more, but I need coffee…

Is it just me, or does Arnold look almost exactly like Terry Gilliam?

Arnold is Terry Gilliam!

I thought more of a cross between Gilliam and David Gilmour.

Nah, son of Iggy Pop / a (slimline) Gerard Depardieu.

Hey, Shayna – is that a red ‘collar’ I can (just) glimpse ? :smiley:
So who’s Melin ?

<…I’ll just get my coat…
Great job !

Wow, I didn’t know Matt Damon was doper, but there he is, standing in the middle of the group photo with a big grin. You know, since he won an academy award for best screenplay and all, you’d think we’d see some killer posts by now.

What’s the deal? Get on the ball, Matt!

Well, you see, Matt Damon doesn’t get paid for posting on the boards. He’s mostly a member of these boards to get a kick out of Lexicon’s pit threads, and to slap some intelligence into a few local idiots.

Matt Damon will try harder to post wittier, dynamite posts in the future.

I can’t believe I pinched Matt Damon’s booty in IRC whilst mistaking him for a girl of a similar chat handle!

I feel so immortalized!

I’m one of those people who never believes that I look good in photographs. I’m a conceited nitpicker.

But everyone -ELSE- looks great. :slight_smile: I have a camera full of film right now–but with some exposures still remaining. I promise I’ll get 'em developed as soon as I can!



Marry me, please. You’re adorable. :slight_smile:


I’m glad y’all had a good time. In my experiance, Dopefests kick ass, and I wish I could’ve been there (if only to annoy you, Spoofe.)

Just a torch? I got a whole friggin’ bonfire goin’ over here! :wink:

I’m exactly the same. I just try to ignore it.

Damn, I’m gorgeous. :wink:


And you still didn’t manage to make me “come out of the closet”.

Sorry I missed out…work keeps piling up and duty called (yes, even on Saturday).
Great job SPOOFE…particularly loved the “No Serlin Zone” sign and the tribute to ChiefScott. :smiley:

…and, of course, any pix of the adorable AudreyK is particularly appreciated (can’t believe she was thisclose and I missed her)…Hi AudreyKakes!!

Oh no no no. If Esprix is gonna marry a breeder, it’s gonna be ME! :wink:

So…wanna marry me? giggles Maybe we could share, Nacho!

Spoofe, <insert xxx comment here>. Cutiebug.

Love the fashion gear, Arnold!!!

Heh heh. Hi, poohpah! :smiley: I’m sorry you couldn’t make it, too, hon. It would have been so nice to meet you… :frowning:

The pics look great, SPOOFE! Thank you!

And again, 'twas a pleasure to meet you all. You folks were a blast to hang out with. :slight_smile: