Methinks it's time for another SDMB picture thread

Why? Because I want to know what you all look like! Reading isn’t any fun unless you can imagine the faces of those you’re reading about. Also, I’ve got a mental picture of some of you, and I want to see how close I am. I know it’s been done many times in the past, but half the pictures in the old threads (and in the Teemings profiles) are no longer with the firm. Besides, judging from the pics that do still work, Dopers are a nice-looking group of people, so more pics certainly can’t hurt!

Only pictures you have of yourself all suck? Don’t worry, I’ll go ahead and kick it off with a crappy Polariod of me at work. Now you don’t feel so bad, eh?

Actually have some cool pictures of yourself? Well, I didn’t think I did, but here’s a couple pics of me in a Spike Spiegel costume that people seem to like for some reason.

I’ve posted these in various locations here before, so I know I’m safe…nothing new from me. :smiley: So, anyone else interested? Don’t be shy!


No nudes?

:eek: :smiley:

I want to know what you look like- Post your photo! (the previous one of these).

Hmm…that recent, huh? I wonder how I missed it. Oh well, it’s a week past the three-month “no resurrection” cutoff, so maybe this thread is even more timely than I thought. :wink:

me and the boy

Me, with someone’s hand on my head.

right…thats your own hand, we know how limber you are!

Hmm… whole lotta dead linkage goin’ on in that older thread… including mine… I’ll see if I can get more pictures loaded. They’re all going to be me in goofy clothes, though. Deal.

Me now (the one on the left), me then, and me wife (kittenlm).

And a few hundred more pics that you probably don’t care about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me (right) and my muchos prettier half on my 18th

Cover your eyes!

Here’s one I showed last time: A bra, a boyfriend, and me at the drivein

Here’s a newer one: In DC, 4th of July, in braids

Me as Dorothy, with younger sis: And her little sister, too

Here’s my contribution to the “spot the European”-game. :wink:

I’m not usually so jocular. :smiley:


Don’t say you weren’t warned.

For the story behind the picture…


Here’s my Yahoo! profile .

The pic is of me, my best friend, and our puppy, George.

I’m still pretty new here so folks might not care what I look like (or know who I am, for that matter), but what the heck:

My Teeming Millions profile


Me on stage with some guys from work

kittenlm is Bridget Fonda? Damn. :smiley:

This is the first ever look of Kid_A on the SDMB. I had just dyed my hair blonde, the pic is 8 months old.
Yes, I know the box is upside down.

Here’s one of me at the recent Bay Area Dopefest. Props to SandyHook for taking and posting the picture. I’m the one in the green shirt in the middle. That’s Demo on the left, Nametag looking over his shoulder, lezlers in the red shirt, and Cyn and Drachillix in the background.