Doper Picture Thread

I just discovered that I can send pics taken with my camera phone to my email address. Soooooo, now that I can actually take pictures and share them, I thought I’d snap a pic of me and post it. So, here I am!

Hrm, a photo thread eh? Been a while. What’s with forking the naughty sign though?

Me & my youngest & wildest. Here.

OK, I’ll bite. I’m at work, slackin.

Oooo Sounds like fun. Here is a rare pic of me with my clothes on. :smiley:

Sure, why not

Does the F in InigoFMontoya stand for Frasier?

You look more like his brother than Niles does.

Well, since you asked so nicely, I guess I’ll play along.

Since the thread has turned into a picture thread, I’ve edited the title to reflect that. Now, keep on posting photos! I always enjoy seeing what y’all look like.

Well, how about it then?

Nothing too recent, but the most flattering (yikes, if you could call it that) is this one, from last November:


I have more up-to-date ones in the camera but I have to get them developed. That could be awhile…

My most recent picture. It was taken a few weeks ago at a concert.

I don’t actually look like this most of the time, but…

My hat, let me show you it.


It says February 07, but that’s wrong, it’s actually about a month ago.

THIS is fairly recent of me. My beard is fuller now, for one from today, see HERE

You want picutres? I got pictures. Lots n’ lots n’ lots of pictures.

This one is my favorite.

Dayum. How YOU doin’?

(I guess that doesn’t really work right after posting pictures of my wedding, huh? Oh well.)

Okay, but just so you know this is a first for me…

OK, fine I’ll bite. A couple of my standard pictures:

MORE steampunk style fun. Me in my actual study, Name and date of course fictitious.

Kairos You’ll have to fight Nashiitashii for me… :smiley:

Claurican looks exactly like I thought, as does Flander.

Sage Rat I always thought of you as older.

Me and my cat, Diego