I want to know what you look like- Post your photo!

If you want.

I find myself wondering what some of you Dopers look like. I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while. If you have a picture and want to share, I want to see it!

I’ll go first.

*(&^$# !!! I’m fixing it.

You can see photos of me here: http://photos.yahoo.com/js_africanus

Here’s a recent one.

I thought the majority of the photos, were on the teemingmillions.com site


Here I am.

I can’t seem to get alot of those photos (on the TM site) to show up. ??

Oh, okay, I found the right page… seems to be alot of people I’ve never heard of. Plus, I don’t know how or even if it’s possible to upload a pic from yahoo onto there. So this was easier for me, anyway… but thanks for leading me to the right page to look at some pics. :slight_smile:

Here’s three of me:


Me and the Missus I think it’s from about two months ago.

Do these jeans make my ass look big?


My in-laws are animals.

Prisoner # PA12876549-72

Here you go, just because I’m a camwhore:


Aruvqan in Elizabethan clothing

here ya go=)

Hmmm…it feels like I’m forgetting something…
A whole mess of Dopers can be found on the recent Show Yourself! thread.

And for myself, here’s a rather poor pic taken just this past Saturday.

Here’s Me. Also, my own website!

Yeah…it feels like I’m forgetting to remove the part of a previous post that I accidentally copied in with this post. :smack:
I always write my posts in Notepad and then copy them over to the SD, to prevent hamsteritis.

Thanks for the link to that thread. I missed posting in January (went out of town) so I missed it and if you try to search, well “photo” or “pic” isn’t every specific.

Well, if I must.

Lookie here.

Here we are. Me, my husband, and our babies, including the dearly departed Pants (black & white) who died June 2. The others are Buggy (who I’m holding along with Pants), and Poopy. Hope this works!

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