Another doper photo thread.

OK, I didn’t want to do this, but several factors have forced my hand.

I wanted somoene to supply me with a link to the most recent doper photo thread. Nobody did.

I didn’t want to search because I knew that the innate creativity of dopers meant that the most recent (or indeed any) of such threads might not necesarily contain the words ‘doper’, ‘photo’ and ‘thread’ in its title (therefore searching for it wouldn’t be very productive)

Anyway, here is your friendly neighbourhood Lobsang. Identity revealed at last! (Erm, for the second time, actually)


I am still highly personally critical of that image, but at least I consider it just about normal enough to reveal it on a global stage.

Post yourselves!!!111oneone

My wife took this one of me teaching The Littlest Briston how to water the garden the other day.
And I swear…I’ve been wearing shorts every day this summer, and I still have the whitest legs since talcum was invented.

blink, blink

You’re a dude.

Me and Husband, Last Weekend

Me at Farewell Michigan Dopefest 2008

Oh dear. I now have a mental image of you sitting on the toilet, per ‘‘cute kids’’ thread… :eek:

This is my friend and I at a bar recently. I am the female. It was 80s dance night, but we obviously did not dress the part. We did kick it to some Devo and whatnot, though.

Vegas Baby!

I’m the one on the left…

-No- Your other left! The one without the monster sideburns. :smiley:

Here are all of my flickr photos that I’ve tagged me. There aren’t too many and very few of them actually show my face.

Note to self: Spend a little more time in front of the camera instead of behind it.

Damn. For the first time ever, I have the chance to make it onto the first page of a picture thread, and I’m at work, where I don’t have any pictures of myself.

OK then.

I love a good picture thread. Hopefully, I’ll be able to upload some good pictures.

Me and blackberries

Me in a tux

Taken by the iPhone

MissMossie: :eek:, how have I never noticed you before? I grew up in Mooresville.

If it’s any consolation, your name (Cisco) Is well known to me and I will be looking out for your eventual picture)

This is me. This is me after learning to use the timer on my digital camera so I don’t have to take a picture in the mirror.

Cool. By the way, Lobsang - you look like Rowan Atkinson and that is a compliment - I am a huge fan of Black Adder!

Here’s me in some online rock mag. I’m the singer/guitarist in the top few pics who quite obviously isn’t Rhett Miller.

Oh here’s a couple that were on my myspace:

A photoshop I’m proud of

Me and my cousin (I’m on the left)

At the company xmas party last year

My SO and I in Luxor (I’m on the left wearing the Cinematic Titanic T-Shirt)

Here’s me in my wizard robes with my husband (formerly The Highwayman)and in the Royce Hall arcade a little later trying to look dignified while holding a bunch of crap. :smiley:

Some action shots, sort-of. Those are from a few weeks ago when we were making a short movie in [thread=476648]48 hours[/thread]. The same group participated in another round of the challenge last weekend, also with me manning the boom mic, but I don’t have those pics yet.

Here is me at Stonehenge earlier this year. Then, there’s me about a year and a half ago. And a photoshoppy one from last December. You wouldn’t know it, but when I took that picture, I was on the couch watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

And finally, this is a picture from my last day with my beloved, late Rachel.

OK, one more. I’m on the right.