Doper SFW Picture Thread

Since not all of us really are into participating in the the NSFW thread, I figure I’d start up a good, ol’ fashion safe for work picture thread.

Plus, this will be a good place for everyone to get reacquainted- matching names with faces of members new, old, and returned.

And because I’m the OP, I’m going to set the bar high. Oh, yes. That’s right, I’m giving you two Dopers in one post. Earlier in the summer, Spatial Rift 47 decided he wanted to come out to Vegas and I offered to show him around. So, you get Doper pictures and vacation photos- how much more interesting could a thread be? :wink:

This one is just me being me before we went out to see Zumanity.
This would be the two of us, waiting to get in to the show.

The next day, we went to the Hoover Dam.
It was dam hot.

And the next day, we went to the Star Trek Experience. I don’t want to talk about it. shiver

As you can see, We were equally excited.

Oh, and then I got attacked by a dragon.

Your turn!

You’re a tad behind, Diosa.

Wha? I searched the first two pages and saw nothing (since I can’t do an actual search). I fail :(.

Has the last one left the front page yet? 'Eh…either way…

My daughter and I out for a drive recently
By the by, welcome back, Diosa

Aww! That’s too cute! You both look like you’re just having a blast.

And thank you! :slight_smile:

Trying on my wedding dress

No Jayn picture. :frowning:

Lets try this again…

Bad picture of me at the Blue Jays game on Friday
I really need a haircut

I really need some better pictures.

Argh…I can’t get my facebook photos to show up.

Mug shot by the computer.

On the beach at Carnac

Sweet. Something I don’t have to get naked for.

Here’s me RIGHT NOW, reading this thread.

Here’s me, EARLIER TODAY, after pasting DocCathode’s link in my browser from that other thread.

Ok, I laughed. . . really, really hard. At work. I hate you.

You look beautiful. Very serious, though, but I guess I’ve never been dress-trying-on before so I don’t know how serious to be…

Fed up of digging.
Love this picture of me and the gf but I think it looks inadvertently rude.
With many pistols. Guns aren’t cool. But playing with them is kinda fun. Check out my cocking handle.
Fancy dress. Me and my friend (pictured in the album, but not that shot) won 1st prize. Dont think it was anything good, though.

OK, that’s certainly enough!

YOU WIN! That made me giggle :wink:

Attention people using Facebook: A lot of times your pictures don’t show up, we see Facebook’s lovely message telling us your picture is unavailable. Just sayin

Yeh, well… here’s one of me either just after I just checked out your cleavage, or I’m thinking of bunnies.

Seriously, you guys look so beautiful and happy in this picture. I opened it and smiled. It’s just too cute.

You’re thinking of bunnies trampling my breasts? Look, I know some people on the internet are into weird things, but I don’t think I had mentally prepared myself for that.

Nah, that’s just me. I tend not to smile much.

Well, sure; Now I am. And, I gotta say, it’s not as hot as you’d think.

Thank you! How come you’re a guest, now?