Official Picture Thread of the Straight Dope

Okay picture whores and people who want to/have demanded that they are seen.

Have at it.

It’s traditional for the OP to go first.

Just saying.

It’s customary for the OP of such a thread to start by providing a picture of him/herself… :slight_smile: (Or, on preview, what Telperien said. Curse my slow composition skills!)

This is a thread I’ve been thinking about starting for a week or two myself, so I’ll jump in: here are a bunch of photos of me, at various ages (and in chronological order*).

Now I get to sit back and look at everyone else’s! :cool:

*Anal retentive? Me? Why do you ask? :smiley:

As for me: an older one, something a little newer, and the most recent one I have.

From SurfDope2004. Me in all my splendor. Sorry I couldn’t find a brighter shirt.

Here I am

Here’s me.

silenus, I remembre seeing that picture on a different thread. I had assumed you were John Mace, then. I’m not sure if that’s an insult or not.

Misnomer, I like the South Park pic. That’s a new take on getting your picture drawn in cartoon form, eh?

Telpereien, I was just putting up a forum for such things! I didn’t realize there was SUCH a demand for my ugly face to be smattered across the Dope. I’ll get there. Consider this pictorial foreplay, dah-ling.

Bah. I HATE pictures of me.

Crap. You look like a troublemaker, too. Maybe a reformed one, or a relapsed one, but you look like you can scare up trouble in a hurry if need be.

Here is one taken about three months ago. Someone let me know if the link worked please.

You say that like it’s a bad thing…

Link does work, Nic2004.

LOUNE, it’s just a rule, you know. Never mind that I asked for proof of your being a cute young thing and all elsewhere.

Dude, you started it. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is from last December. Friend cut out to protect the innocent. My daughter took this a couple of months ago, and says it’s an excellent example of Momface.

A few of me. Never done this before, so remember what your momma told ya.

Well, since you asked real nice plus you are supporting me in my old age. here’s swampbear!

College yearbook picture

30’s, visiting a friend in Paris

About ten years ago

A couple of summersago

I have a terrible haircut in this picture, but the puppet arms are awesome.

“Don’t walk barefoot in the rain”?

Here are some of me. All but one are recent. Beware of acne. ><;


DianaG, Mirror Image egamI rorriM and Susie Derkins photos make me go all hard and soft at the same time. :o

What, you don’t smile?

Oh, that’s right. You’re a teenager.

(Disclaimer: above statements are jokes, albeit bad ones. Please to not take the offense.)