SDMB Picture Thread

I recently got a haircut and uploaded some before and after pictures to share with online friends and family and have been pasting them hither and thither, so I thought I’d post them to start a picture thread since it’s been quite a while since our last one.

Anyway, here is what I looked like before (this shows how how shaggy it really was) and this is what I look like now.

And because a friend really wanted to see it when she found out I had one, here is a picture of me holding my Spock teddy bear that I got in a care package from someone here on the Dope a couple years ago when I broke my leg. I unfortunately don’t remember who gave it to me but I want to say it was rocking chair. It might be one of the most awesome(ly dorky) things I own.

A recent self-portrait.

A recent self-portrait.

(Like, three minutes ago kinda recent…and man, I need to get out in the sun more)

I can do better than that. Me, on video:

Tilt your head to the left. I’m in the yellow t-shirt. My hair has grown back.

Well, here’s my most recent pic of myself, with my boyfriend, on a trip back home to Montreal in July.

Please ignore the evil red eyes of doom.

Sorry, I am unable to.

Me and my niece.

I’m the one in orange.

:: Sunspace hauls out standard self-portrait ::

One of these I am going to have to upgrade that pic; it’s kind of bleak.

Oh well, when I transmit the password, you’ll just join my minions, then.


A recent family picture
This was taken about a month ago at a family wedding. There are a couple other pictures in the album. This one has all of us in our SCA garb from an event two weekends ago.

Antigen, I love the red-eye shot. When that happens in our pictures, I always insist it’s just our true personality shining through. :smiley:


More me.

One of my most recent.

Me at the beach last month

My friend Sarah and I in Montreal two weeks ago.

Candid of me dancing.

Aesiron, I thought your hair looked nice long, but the new you is nice, too. The Cousin It shot cracked me up.

Oh, and twickster, what is that thing reflecting your camera?

All I can say is…mmm…Guinness.

Beards abound on the SDMB! I like.

Here’s normal looking me.

Here’s an unusally good looking version of me.

The one of you and your friend together is especially cute.

Here I am a few years ago in San Diego. My hair is shorter now.

Here’s WordMan on the left, me on the right , taken last November.

Here’s me, two or three years ago. Warning: No makeup!