The SDMB, DRUNK picture thread.

Okay, Diosa (I beleive) started this last time we had a pic thread going, and I thought it was a fun idea. So I’ll start.

Here’s one of me from college, bout 5 years old, but one of my favorites. I had recently gotten out of a pretty rough relationship and was feeling inspired while on my third 40.

Yes, there’s a K, and if you look close you might have not noticed there are two I’s as well.

Bring on the photos, you lushes!

Any photos of me in such a state (were they to exist) might compromise my run for Emperor of the Universe.

Once I get my GED and a work permit, I WILL RULE YOU ALL!!

In the mean time, please don’t visit the Subway on Fourth Street. The manager makes me clean the restrooms, and it can get pretty nasty in there. Plus, I have to prep all the onions and tomatoes, so don’t ever order them on your sub.

Wait, what? Piss off minion!! That first picture makes me look fat. The second one makes me look like some sort of Amish rapist. Be gone!

I’ll BRB with a suitable picture for you all to worship. EotU out.

okay i’ll bite. Here’s me not last mardi gras but the one before


and okay now I’m pretty certain you guys have never seen anything this hideous…so do not open if you are not prepared to see something AWFUL. Its not a drunk picture but DRUNK RELATED. I was wasted and rough housed with the wrong dog and here’s what happened to my face.


hangover + dog bite = unforgivable ugly

bigbabysweets2000, I think I hurt myself laughing. Yeah, I can’t stand biitckes. Which sounds like some sort of Dutch dessert wafer.

End of the school year bash, 2007. (I’m the one on the right.) Someone had just said something both horrifying and hilarious. Later that night, there was an inappropriate and accidental real estate showing. I don’t believe anyone was capable of operating a camera at the point – thank little green apples. Camisoles just are not adequate drunkwear.

Why, Miss Purl, I do declare! I wouldn’t have expected such behavior from a nice midwestern farm girl. :wink:
(I could have said milkmaid, but I’m being nice)

I’m German and Irish and I live in Wisconsin. There was really no hope that it wouldn’t come to this sometime in my twenties. If only the White Russian had never been invented, I might still have my dignity.


Just can’t get away from the milk, can ya’. :dubious:

I’m really liking our ratio of hot chicks/plain ole’ boring members. :smiley:

Let’s keep it up, more drunk chicks! (Looking at you Haze)

I love that first photo Bigbabysweets2000!! Sums up a good level of drunken-ness perfectly!

I have a flickr page of drunken photos ------>

I’m the girl with the glasses, don’t judge me too harshly…


When I do this

…and this

…and this

I end up looking this cross-eyed .

Nawww. I saw that and wanted to Take Care Of You. :wink:


Is this a joke? That’s the kind of hideous I someday hope to date.

In fact, this thread is a not-so-subtle reminder that I share a board with the Hottest Chicks in the Universe.

Sure… Tease… that’s it. Not incompetence.

“Facechomp”. Best filename ever.

Man, this thread is bringing out the chicks in force, isn’t it? Not that any Doper would stoop so low, but I can see how Girls Gone Wild is never short of eager…um…talent. :smiley:

Jeez, I’m going to regret this, but what the hell.

This is me a couple of halloweens ago for the Las Vegas Grind. I’m chubby Ramone, second from the left. I think I may have psted this one in an earlier thread.

Another Halloween this time dressed as an aging hipster.
Good times. Good times.

Well, I wasn’t technically drunk, but I had consumed a glass and a half of wine and chatted with Gen. George Rogers Clark

Well, here I am celebrating after the American Birkebeiner 2007. It was a lot of hard work hanging out in that lodge, waiting for people to finish skiing, so I had to keep my strength up. With beer. And then, when everyone I’d been waiting for came in, of course we had to celebrate with more drinks…

That was also the night I ended up sleeping on the floor of a restaurant.

Me, drunk, in a kayak. Who says water and alcohol don’t mix?