Drunk Posters

Do People ever post to the SDMB whilst drunk?

If so…

How often?

Are there any recent ones?

How obvious is it that they are drunk?
(I know this is a question, but it’s mundane and pointless so it deserves to go here)

You mean, like, drunk enough to post the same thread twice?

Two words : monkey butler.

The other was too drunk to be served. I bounced it.

Any post I make after 10pm on Friday or Saturday night is usually while under the influence of an excessive amount of chardonnay. This isn’t considered a PWI is it?

Could I lose my posting privileges for 90 days?
Will I have to attend a “posting while intoxicated” impact panel?
Should I retain an attorney if busted?

I figure if I’m drinking, the safest place I can be is at home in front of the keyboard.



I know naaaathink.

I’ve got a nice buzz on right now.


::waving way up high with one hand::

Hi, OncleBiere!

Hi Coldybaby!

I will post and bump, bump and post until either mon Oncle or Clogboy responds.

Post and bump, bumpola et postola.

Hmmm… perhaps a different approach, in accordance with my infatuation with OncleBiere.

::Bump and grind, grind and bump::

Chicka chicka bow bow

I’m losing my buzz.

Yeah! I’m in fo’ dat! Drinkin’ now!!!

And I waive the power of attourney so that I may smite mine enemies whilste phenominalonimally in control of myslef!

I am the one and only!!!

The drunkard!!!
Unfortunately, I know that I am not the official drunkard of the SDMB, as I am acutely aware that I can be out-drunk by some few indi-viddles.

My favorite opposition is Biggirl, who never ceases to underdrink me.

That bitch.


I saw the title “Drunk Posters” and just knew I’d find Gorgy in here.
That Rat Bastard.

And because this thread makes me laugh everytime I read it, monkey butlers.

Hey, I finally get an inside joke! Yay, me! :slight_smile: Or at least, I know (or think I do) what Eutychus is referring to in his post. SexyWriter admitted she was drunk, though… points for candidness, at any rate. :smiley:

And what about a camel butler? :smiley:

I am hanging my head in shame.

Could one of the gracious Moderators please delete every last stupid post I made last night? Sam Adams is my friend, but last night he betrayed me.

I swear, if this board had a ‘reset’ button I’d be punching it right now.

Oh all right. Can’t a guy enjoy a little two or three day bender in peace and quiet? By the way, anybody else ever read the old piece by P.J. O’Rourke titled, So Drunk, a purported story from his hippie college days? It’s in this collection, Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence and a Bad Haircut: Twenty-Five Years of P. J. O’Rourke


Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Never before (aside from two friends and I), have I ever heard anyone quote Fawlty Towers. You just made my week!

“allo. I speak eenglish. I learn it from a booook.”

I thought he was quoting Hogan’s Heroes. Sergeant Whatshisname says that.

Clear us up here, Clogboy!