Have you been guilty of drunk posting on the SDMB?

The requirement for drunk posting is posting anytime after you’re beyond tipsy. A rough estimate is like .06 BAC if you want to get technical about things. I’m mainly doing it to see if I can actually create a poll, but I think the information gained can help us know what’s going on among us teeming masses.

Just once- I posted this after a few shots of Tullamore Dew.

As the OP, I voted for “Yes, frequently”. I can spend 2+ hours on here sober, and not leave a single post. Coming on here with a decent buzz though, my brain and fingers want to talk more, and I’ll find I left 3-8 replies that night instead of zero.

At least once, but not sure if more than that. It was years ago.

I’m a Noper.

I don’t drink or do drugs, so it’s not ever going to be an issue.

Shit, I’m drunk right now…


I have posted where I had to hold a hand over one eye to see straight, and retype about 10 times before submitting the reply. Not for a long while though.

Strangely though, the few posts I’ve made where someone accused me of being drunk are ones made when I was sober.

I voted ‘yes’ although I don’t really know. I used to drink, so it’s possible. I don’t think any of my ‘drunk’ posts were noteworthy.

Yes, but AFAIK, I have not posted anything that I am embarrassed about.

You will forever more be Chicken of Bristol in my heart.

In all the years I’ve been around? Yeah, I’m sure I have. Don’t think I’ve done/posted anything more embarrassing drunk than I have sober, though. . .:wink:

Yes. I’ve always been able to detect danger while posting, though…which means I’ve been below an .08.

A better question is who hasn’t?

I rarely drink but I have posted here while not completely awake.

i really should mackdonna handheld shoehorn butterhorse

Nope. If you had said ‘stoned’ I would have answered differently.

Posting when a little buzzed? Yes. Actually drunk? Nope. But then I haven’t been falling down drunk in a good several years.

I’m not a huge drinker in general, so I probably haven’t done it more than a couple times, but I can remember one specific incident where I shared a little more than I would have when sober. I was a bit mortified the next day. This was several years ago.

Unfortunately, yes. Link here.

I had been drinking while reading and tried to remember plant biology lessons while listening to Metallica and got confused.

The upshot: Now I have a google reference. :slight_smile:

Nope, not unless NyQuil counts. And even then, I wasn’t thinking about posting. I was thinking about my comfy bed.