Is anyone else drunk right now?

I see a lot of posts from the alcoholically enhanced, and I myself have been known to benefit from the fruit of the vine (or of the still, as the case may be) while posting away.

I’m wondering if anyone else will admit to “drunk posting”.

This is not an insult, nor should it be construed as one. Thank you.

I rarely drink, because I take prescription meds. I must be careful.

But if you don’t mind, if you’ve got a bottle, pass it. I’ve got four kids here right now and they’re making me crazy.

Hey, if you’ve got prescription meds, pass those too.

Yes, I must admit i have posted under the influence. Almost at the point of passing out!


I’m getting there. This is the first weekend my new girlfriend and I have not been together since we met. Early on, she said she was an addictive personality, whatever that is, and objected to me drinking when I was with her. So, I haven’t been drinking lately, trying to show her I was not an addictive personality, and now I’m sitting at home with a big box of beer. Maybe I am an addictive personality, but I’ve been lurking here for a couple months and never thought I had anything intelligent or appopriate to say before and now, with a few beers behind me, I’m posting. I guess I must be a little drunk. And more than a little lonely.

My gf is out of town with her sister for the next several days. I just opened my third beer (Bass, for those of you keeping score). It’s only 9:15.

Check back around midnight.

no, but your handle is cool…

do you like the stones?

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Sorry, DF, (may I call you DF?) but my meds are not the kind that would help anyone looking to cop a buzz. If they were, trust me, I’d have given them to the kids in the hopes that they’d pass out. :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve lobbed a few pearls of ethanol wisdom. I’ve always thought it was apparent. Key clue for me is did I post after midnight? I’m usually asleep by then; if I’m up and posting I might well be a bit loopy.

Some of y’all have probably thought, oh, you mean the occasional coherent thought we get out of beatle.


Well, I wouldn’t say I’m drunk, but I have had a few margaritas tonight. Strong ones.

On a side note, playing “what if” with my husband is way fun. (you know…indecent proposal stuff)


OK, It’s midnight and I’m drunk. So there.

I’ve posted drunk before, but I’m not now. I might be later though, so I’ll keep you up-to-date.

“Small twigs, debris, matter, coiled in the oily liquid. He shook it. Smoke rose from the yellow floor of the bottle…Lord honey I know they make that old splo in the bathtub but this here is made in the toilet. He was looking at the bottle, shaking it. Bubbles the size of gooseshot veared greasily up through the smoky fuel it held…The last time I drank some of that shit I like to died. I stunk from the inside out. I laid in a tub of hot water all day and climbed out and dried and you could still smell it. I had to burn my clothes. I had the dry heaves, the drizzling shits, the cold shakes and the jakeleg. I can think about it now and feel bad…”
from the book “Suttree” by Cormac McCarthy

I’m posting on Theraflu…maybe my mind works better on over the counter medication…I just posted on 4-5 topics…

“Predictable, really I suppose. It was an act of purest optimism to have posed the question in the first place.” --John Cleese

I never had the “jakeleg” but it sure sounds fun. What is it?

A “jackleg” is a drill used in mining. It uses a drill rod that basically vibrates rapidly back and forth against the rock. “Jakeleg” probably refers to a rapid up and down twitching of the legs in this context.

Would a person truely drunk be able to post that they were?

It’s a little early on a Sunday morning to be tapping the ol’ keg, but I’ll wager that there will be some additional aluminum and glass in the recycle bin by the time the Bears finish dropping another one this afternoon.

Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs.

-Tom Waits

gypsy said she’s posted before when drunk. And you probably spelled better than Heatherlee! :wink:


Well, it’s official. Redskins 48, Bears 22. “McCaskey’s Monsters of the Midway Mauled by Mohawks. Next week: Mother McCauley.” While I wouldn’t characterize myself as drunk, I’m decidedly less sober than I was 3 hours ago. Let’s see if this Dolphins-Raiders game, punctuated by repeated interruptions by these infernal candy bandits, can push us over the edge. Trick or Treat, you say? Here, have a Budweiser, you little cretin.

Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs.

-Tom Waits