SDMB Picture Thread

That’s awesome. Nearly 4000 posts in, I still have yet to meet another Doper in person. :frowning:

That’s because Houston, the 4th largest city in America, can’t get its ass together for a DopeFest. :mad:

Yanno, I’m not entirely sure. It was taken in this funky little museum in Haarlem [/oh-so-casual reference to trip to Holland last April] that was half natural history/19th-century scientific technology and half art. This was in the science half, and was some sort of instrument or other. I just thought it was a cool-looking object, and didn’t realize till I was looking at the pictures after I got home that I’d caught myself in the mirror of it.

All I can say is… boogie down!

This is me when I’m blue:

Yeah, fine. Here is a recent pic showing off my new hat!

Kayaking the Allegheny River this past weekend, from Emlenton to Parker, PA. BTW, Parker is the smallest city in the US!


My gf:

Getting Dopers together is like herding cats.
Nice pics, all. I’ve got one I might want to share. I’ll post from home.

I haven’t made it to a DopeFest yet, although I’d love to make it to What Exit’s house for a Jersey one. Of course, if the timing is right for any of the occasional Ohio fests I’ll go.

WordMan and I are both guitar players and had exchanged lots of emails on that subject. I timed a visit to my sister-in-law’s house in New Jersey to coincide with one of WordMan’s band’s gigs in New York. It was fun. WordMan is a rocker.

Yes, I recall. He rocks. WordMan came and contributed to my “Let’s hear YOUR music!” thread a month or two ago. :slight_smile:

Gettysdope is coming up on October 6th.

Here I am at Scooter Du, a vintage scooter rally in the Twin Cities.

Funnest Rally Evar!

But sometimes, we succeed. And it is good.

(Met HazelNutCoffee, Cerowyn, and Kid_A at the pub last night. Will be meeting more Dopers on Wednesday! :slight_smile: )

Here is me at an Indians game earlier this summer (yeah, I was sunburnt)

and me and a friend at a surprise party.

Some of us kind of like it.

And there forever goes my anonymity.


It looks like either a musical instrument or a mid-victorian surgical implement.

Wasn’t there a class of musical instruments that had rotating jugs or vessels that made sound when you stroked them with a wet finger? Or am I channeling Peter Schickele again?

Just scanned some new pics but as usual no place to show them. Could someone be kind enough to host a couple?


The glass harmonica. One of Ben Franklin’s many inventions.

ETA: This wasn’t what this was. I think this was a measuring device of some sort.

You’re female? That comes as a surprise for no good reason.

:: blush :: Thank you.