More Photos!

OK. Here’s Me.

I’ve been thinking about starting a new picture thread, since someone in the Harmless Doper Crushes thread mentioned it.

Anyway, my most recent picture here, taken before Prom.

And one more for the road.

Couple weeks ago.


Sorry for the size. My old gallery is here. A little webcam is all I’ve got for right now, which is why all the headshots. Parents like to be kept up to date.

:: Wishing I’d held out for a decent photo :: :smack:
Dear God, you’re pretty!

:o :o

Nahhh. Well. Maybe this one - it sums me up best. :cool:

Ah, my alter ego. Haven’t thought of a good name for her yet. Thought of “Stasi-anaeon”, but it just seemed cruel to the viewers.

Inigo, you don’t even LOOK like a Dread Pirate Roberts. More like a Dread Pirate Bob.

This is me, He-Who-Needs-Haircut.

I’m in Hawaii on vacation at the moment, so here are some photos from the week:

Me at the beach

Me being a dork…per usual

Being a dork, about to shop

Oh and in case you were wondering what it’s like to be me…

TheOnlySaneOne, how you doin’? :wink: (Stark, same question :smiley: )

And for me, Grad photo, couple months ago at my old place, and me tonight, sans glasses

I’m doin’ just fine, dearie. :wink:

And I am forced to ask the same of DiosaBellissima. Rrrrrrrowr! :smiley:

Behind this glower is a puny and silly brain…In fact, you can see it through the exposed nostrils :smack:

That’s my ‘release the hounds’ pose…and also why I never post in these threads…

Here is the most recent picture I can find of myself. Taken this weekend at an ultimate tournament. Sorry, nothing better right now. Haven’t been in any photo situations with people who put them online recently.

With the people that have posted so far, I feel like I really should wait until others who aren’t as good looking have posted, but since you can’t really tell too much about me from my picture, I guess it doesn’t matter…

Anastasaeon, I second Inigo’s comments. Wow!

The glare is really bad…

Right back at ya with the Rrrrowr **TheOnlySaneOne ** :slight_smile:

Everyone is good looking. Not only are we brilliant, but we’re gorgeous too! …and humble :slight_smile:

Here’s one that I posted in the last photo thread.

I’ll have to see what else I can dig up from digital camera shots on my computer now.

That looks like the beach in front of the Hilton. Is it?

You’re good! Yes, it’s the Hilton and…DUDE! PENGUINS!!

…ahem. Sorry.

Yes, it’s a very cool hotel, except that marina is a little scary. Are you enjoying your vacation? Did you check out the parade this weekend?

Loving it. And the parade? How could I not love this and this ?

End of hijack!

Hi Jayn!

Monstre, that dog has devil eyes. [/Brian Fellows]

Me in black & white…

The reason I’m not in full color, is because people with very dark hair should NEVER try to go blonde. So, I’m protecting your eyes AND your monitor.

Here I am a couple of years younger and 20 lbs. heavier than I am now.

I swear, my teeth aren’t really that big!